trimming bird's beak

by Terri

How can you tell when your parrot needs her beak trimmed. It seems my bird is having problems cracking her sunflower seeds and she's often chewing on the metal bars of her cage.

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Aug 07, 2015
When to trim beak
by: Tracie

Biting on the cage bars is not terribly unusual, just so you know. Parrots don't always need a beak trim, none of mine have ever needed a trim, but then again I feed Harrison's pellets, provide safe wood for chewing. (That solves most issues)

If the the beak can't close properly, or hangs down way over the bottom beak, then it needs trimming. It is best to have an avian vet do an exam and be the one that trims the beak. If the beak needs trimming, and isn't done properly, the bird could bleed out and could also end up with beak issues just because of a botched job.

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