Planing a Trip with Birds?

Planning a trip with birds can be tricky. You don't want to keep the bird from getting stressed, but how? Well, some stress may not be able to be avoided if you have a bird that does not like change. Just do your best to make it easier for your bird to travel with you.

Taking a trip with your birds in a car?

First you need to prepare a travel cage. You want a cage that is sturdy, has the ability to attach familiar food and water devices, perches, toys and maybe a bird tent.

Why a sturdy cage? You are going to need to secure the cage in a seat belt just like you would a child. Even if you are just going a mile down the road, someone could run into your car and you don't want your bird to "fly" through the window or hurt another passenger.

Plan your trip with your birds

Here is a list of things to think about when planning a trip with birds:

1) Bird cage or travel carrier

2) Food and familiar treats

3) Water they are used to, bottle the water they are used to drinking.

4) Familiar perches that they can keep a good grip on.

5) Familiar toys, attached to the sides of the cage so that they don't knock the bird around as the car turns corners.

6) A bird tent they can rest in and hide if they feel they need to escape.

7) Something to put under the cage to make it level when buckled into the seat belt.

8) Your avian vet's phone number attached to the bottom of the cage in case of an emergency.

Traveling overseas with your bird

There are companies that will help you plan your trip with your parrot.

Another great service provider is the US based . They have all the information you need to travel or move with your pets around the world! They can help you sort out all the details so that you can ALL make it to your destination safely.

When done reading about your trip with birds please visit our discount parrot training page.