The Tropical Parrot Food Mix has been discontinued

We have many other quality dehydrated bird food choices for you to choose from.

There are several varities of dehydrated food mixes below. Simply follow one of the specific brand links below or go to the very bottom and follow the link to our dehydrated food page.

Crazy Corn

Today's NUTRITIONALLY SAAVY CUSTOMERS demand a quality NATURAL BROAD diet for their pet birds. For 18 years C R A Z Y C O R N has been the industry pioneer and leading brand.

50 enticing MOSTLY HUMAN GRADE Ingredients such as pistachio nuts, cashews, 4 kinds of peppers, whole grains, generous fruits like papaya, peaches, pineapple, banana chips, veggies, pasta shapes, legumes, healthy herbs like ginger and garlic.. more! GENEROUSLY HANDPACKED!

Simply cook up a big batch, freeze excess for MONTHS of CONVENIENCE. Easily combat dangerous seed-only diet malnutrition.

Compare our HANDPACKED difference!

* Scoops of banana chips, pistachio nuts, vitamin A rich red chilis. Whole cinnamon stick,.whole New Mexico black chili pod.

* Only finest human grade fruits, vegetables, pastas, beans, brown rice, nuts, and herbs.

* Generosity! Like chunky UNsulfited fruits & veggies, only whole grains, natural herbs. 7 kinds of beans, 5 pastas, 4 kinds of peppers.

* FREE of Ethoxyquin, dyed pasta, flavorings, colorings, BHA, BHT.

* ALL NATURAL (except for 2 vitamins in human pastas)!

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Beak Appetit Bird Food Mixes

Beak Appetit Natural Bird Foods are designed and formulated with your bird's nutrition in mind. Beak Appetit uses the highest quality grains, fruit and spices available to make sure your bird is getting the nutrition that most seed and pellet diets lack.


Bird Food

for your parrots & birds big appetites

* Give your bird the variety he craves with the tasty cooked diets

* For all birds from finches to macaws.

Each BEAK APPETITS six recipes are formulated to give your bird the nutrition it demands. We use human quality fruits, vegetables, and spices to create these tantilizing foods your bird will love. Whether you have a finicky Finch, or a fussy Macaw, there is a Beak Appetit recipe that your parrot will love. There is a flavor for everyone! Treat your parrot to some YUMMY Bird Food!

All of our products expand to more than twice their normal weight during cooking. Depending on the number of birds you are feeding, you can cook a batch once a week, and then freeze or refrigerate small portions for use on a daily basis. All of our recipes cook in relatively short time and are easy to prepare, and they all smell great while cooking!

Preparing BEAK APPETIT Either precook the entire bag of food and freeze in three to four day portions, thaw and warm the day's meal in the microwave for 10-30 seconds. OR Cooked Beak Appetit can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days making daily feeding a breeze.

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