Trouble - Indian Ringneck Parrot

by Sharon Moon
(Hivesville, Qld., Australia)

Trouble (Indian Ringneck)

Trouble (Indian Ringneck)


Hi, My name is Trouble and I am an 18 month old Indian ringneck. My ma usually never names her hand raised chicks because she doesn't get attached to them that way and are easier for her to sell. I was determined to stay with ma from day 1. I was 10 days old when ma took me from my real parents, she placed me and my sister in a nice basket, really warm because it was wrapped in an electric blanket (on a low setting of course)Well, I know most chicks are quite content to stay in their nest until they at least have some feathers, but they aren't me, are they! 12 days old, and I want to see what ma is up to, if only I wasn't in this basket, can't see nothing but my sister (and she is pretty ugly at the moment) Ma had put our basket on a stool while she was feeding us, and took my sister out first. Hey! what about me! I'm hungry too you know! Well I decided I wasn't going to take this lying down, so fearlessly, I climbed up the sides of the (quite tall) basket. Well I managed it after a few minutes, and before ma had even realised I was there, fell off the edge of the basket to the floor. Of course ma was there fussing over me, she told me it was nearly a 3 feet drop from the basket to the floor, and I wasn't supposed to be doing things like that at my age. I didn't care, I was safe in ma's arms and that was there I was going to stay if I had anything to say about the matter.

Well of course, once I had done it once there was no stopping me, every feedtime I would struggle to the top of the basket, ma was watching me all the time from now on, because she had strapped up my wing which got injured in the fall. Ma told me I would be staying with her. Yippee! Well she couldn't sell a bird with a bad wing could she! She told me she had a funny feeling that I was going to be Trouble from the word go. So Trouble would now be my name!

As soon as my feathers were grown, I was out of that basket more than I was in it. I just loved being out with ma.

Of course in due time my sister was sold, and ma put me in a cage, which I hated of course. Soon found out how to get out of that contraption. So ma had to become my jailer and put locks on anything that could open and that I could squeeze out of. I had plenty of toys, but they didn't make up for time I couldn't spend with ma!

Ma & Pa had to go to a funeral, they don't leave us kids on our own very often, so ma gave us all some new toys to play with while they were gone. Well ma should have realised with a name like mine that something would happen. It wasn't until the next day when ma was talking to me, that she noticed a silver ring jammed firmly over the bottom half of my beak. I had destroyed my toy and removed the ring from the bell and got it stuck on my beak. Oh no! Before I knew what had happened, she had me upside down in her lap and was trying to pry it off with her fingers. After a struggle, it finally came off, unfortunately, at that precise moment I decided to stick my tongue out, and, guess what, the ring went over my tongue, just like a hoop-la! Now it was a tweezers job, because ma had to hold my beak open, while she prised the ring off my tongue with the tweezers, it was quite a tight fit. Ma really told me off for scaring her. She forgave me quickly though, because she loves me so much.

The next time ma and pa went away for the day, to take a relative who had come up for the funeral to the airport for her flight home, ma decided she would not give me another toy, she left me lots of my favourite food instead. This was demolished pretty quickly and I was left for a whole day without ma to keep me company. I decided to see if I could find another way to break out of my cage and see what mischief I could get into.

Ma found me when she got home, trapped by my back claw, hanging upside down, exhausted from fluttering, trying to get free. My claw had got caught in between where the cage side joined the top section of the cage, well, I had to live up to my name didn't I!

Next morning it was a trip to the dreaded vet, he had to amputate my back claw because I had damaged it so badly. When my ma came to pick me up, the vet said "I've never had a bird come out of anaesthetic before that told me was a good boy!

Well! ma talks to me all the time, so I just talk right back to her, even if she wakes up in the night to make a cup of tea for herself. Even though I am covered up for the night, I will still talk to her for the whole time she is up. I can say about 200 words now, my ma says I am like a sponge, I just loving absorbing new words! All the other kids are fast asleep of course, they don't have a special bond with ma like I have.

I should get my lovely ring soon, so ma says she will take some more photo's of me then.

So see you then. Luv. Trouble

P.S. Please don't make the mistakes I made, always make sure your parrots safety comes first every time.Trouble's wing turbed out just to be badly bruised. Check all new toys for destructability, leave plenty of things to amuse your kid while you are away, and check your cages for anywhere they might get caught up. I was lucky, all Trouble lost was a back foot, it could have been his life. With love to you you parrot people out there. Trouble's ma.

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Sep 30, 2010
just a comment
by: Brenda

What a lovely story. I have 6 month old IRN and his name (Ithink it's a he) is Chili. He is such a character and like Trouble in to everything. Chili is my 1st IRN and I love him. He is so cool and so smart. He would be on my shoulder 24/7 if I let him. Thanks for sharing. Boy I know how mischevious this birds can be but they are very special and smart!

May 01, 2009
A Very Good Boy!
by: Linda

You should be a writer because that is one of the best stories about parrots I've heard in a long time!

Yes, birds can and do get into all kinds of "Trouble", so parents have to check out cages for any and all problem areas. Birds go with "Murphy's Law" everytime--whatever can go wrong will.

As for staying in a cage, I have a little short story. I worked in several bird stores and in this one lived a lovely Blue Ringneck Parakeet. When getting store ready to open one morning I saw something out of the corner of my eye that could not really be happening. This Blue Troublesome bird had let himself out of a secure cage, let all the other smaller birds out of theirs and was leading them all into the "Rainforest" area where owner had trees set up, water flowing through it with nice lights shining down on it all. The procession proceeded on into the Rainforest room, and each started to climb up whichever perch tree they decided on with the "Ringleader Ringneck" in the lead! I had to go and figure out how to keep this bird in the cage as this "springing" of all the prisoners until I was ready, was totally unacceptable. I ended up finding the feed dish opening he came out of by finding his dish in his floor. After that ALL openings were clamped shut, and no more "roaming ringnect syndrome"! Needless to say, I had one unhappy bird on my hands and very little time to worry over it. He was purchased shortly after that and went to a good new home. I told on him though which made him forever mad at me. Oh well...

The ringnecks are very smart little birds and usually don't take NO for an snswer. They are also like young children where they do not know what they are doing and what the consequences may be.

Thanks for a heartwarming story, and I hope Trouble makes it to adulthood where he will be a little easier on Ma's nerves!

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