Tweeter, my Aratinga weddellii (Dusky-headed Conure)

by MaeganMarie
(New York)

Dusky-headed Conure, Tweeter

Dusky-headed Conure, Tweeter

Dusky-headed Conure, Tweeter
Tweeter, Dusky Conure
Dusky Conure eating
Tweeter going for a ride

It was love at first sight. I saw Tweeter in an empty cage and my heart went out to him. The pet store could tell me next to nothing about Tweeter. They knew he was a young Dusky-headed Conure.

I would visit him at least once a week, sometimes more often, and spend time with him. Eventually the owner would let me take him out of the cage and spend time with him that way.

My Husband was very patient, my children weren't. My Husband finally after months of this told me to bring him home. I was thrilled.

Tweeter joined my family and took over our home on 09/20/2013. He has been attached to me ever since.

He has unlimited out of cage time with access to his cage should he decide he wants to go in there. He joins me in the shower. He gets a spray bottle shower every morning after breakfast. He shares our meals with us. He goes shopping with us. He enjoys his seeds, but loves the custom diet we blend and prepare for him.

We take fruit or vegetable baby food and add mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, his pellets, etc... and blend it all together. We call it his Parrot Puree. He eats it like such a good boy.

It took a little time, but he loves all of us now. He prefers my Husband and I, but he enjoys hanging out with our children from time to time.

He is spoiled rotten and we wouldn't have it any other way. We can't imagine life without him now. I will admit that life was less messy without him though. lol

He poops every 15-20 minutes. We carry baby wipes with us at all times because he poops on us more than anywhere else. He likes to throw food out of his bowl. He wipes food off his face all over us. He can screech loud enough to make our ears ring. Living with Tweeter is like living with a naughty young child.

We are convinced Tweeter is a mary poppins- practically perfect in every way. We don't see any negatives. We just see everything as life with a parrot. Life is messy. Life is loud. Life is fuller and richer.

He is still quieter and cleaner than our children. He listens better than our children. He is our favorite child. Our children know this and they agree with us.

Life with a parrot is worth every baby wipe, screaming fit, nail trim and wing trim investment, every time we have to change our shirt. . .again, life is unpredictable, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

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Oct 24, 2013
Best Bird
by: The CloverAchievers

Dear Tweeter,
You are the cutest, most adorable, loveliest, best bird! We would love to hear your loud noises!
Your friends,
The CloverAchievers

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