by Marissa
(United States)

I just got an English Budgie which I named Twilight. She has a friend budgie which is with her and is named buggy. She usually follows him around because she is very shy and the petstore did not hand tame her.Can anyone give me advice about training her because she is very scared and I dont want her to have a heart attack.

P.S She has a crusty beak which looks like she may have been attacked and I think she only has one nostril. Which make it harder for her to breath when she is scared.

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Aug 19, 2008
taming Twighlight (English Budgie)
by: Kralice4u

With any bird you wish to tame, it takes time and patience.
One method that I used to tame a little Budgie was:
I took him out of the cage with a towel and then sat on the sofa with him. I was careful not to squeeze him, but I held him loosely in the towel with his head sticking out. I began to caress his head gentle and talk to him. This went on for about 30 minutes or so then I slowly opened the towel a little more and was able to manage petting him without the towel. I did this several times that day. Eventually I was able to pet him without the use of a towel.
In order train him to do anything I made sure that he and I were the only two in the area and there were no other outside interferences.

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