two african greys ??

by Carol Petty
(Benson, NC)

I have an African Grey now and I have a chance to get another one. I don't know the sex of mine or the sex of the other bird. Will they get along even if they are the same sex. Can they be together in the same cage.? Thanks, Carol

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Sep 28, 2009
by: Linda

Carol, you'll need to get another cage for the new bird. Your present bird is going to be jealous of the new bird, even though they may very well become best buddies later on.

It does not matter what sex either of them are as they will most likely get along once all the boundaries have been set. It is important for the new bird to have his/her own cage, perches, toys and food and water dishes as this will give your new kid a feeling of really belonging. Later on, they MAY be able to be together in same cage, but I would not push this as it is going to take some time for them to get to know one another. It would be the same if new bird was another species--each bird would need his own space. New bird will be very frightened, and so put the two birds' cages as close together as you can without putting them so close a toe could be bitten if you know what I mean. Your new parrot will be under a lot of stress, and I strongly recommend a trip to an Avian vet before he comes to your home. Stress causes their immune systems to become compromised and bacterial infections are most likely to happen at this time. If new bird has an infection, then your other bird will also get it and then you'll have two birds not feeling well and having to go to the Avian vet, so go ahead and take new kid to the doctor for a complete checkup including a few blood tests to make sure organs are functioning properly. Next is to get them both onto a high quality pelleted diet like Harrison's, and the transition takes a while if birds have been eating mostly seeds. They can eat the HARRISONS LIFETIME COURSE GRIND in either or both regular and Pepper Lifetime. We have two Amazons and buy a 5 pound bag of each and feed some out of each every day so they have some variety in flavors. Harrisons also makes a wonderful Birdy Bread Mix which is a great treat food and will help get them changed over from seeds. It is also just a good treat food to give them. It comes in 3 types all of which are readily eaten by our Amazons. In fact, they know when it is "birdy bread day" and proceed to start calling for it at their dinnertime. We give it to them every other day, so they KNOW when it is due!Tracie carries Harrisons products on-site and prices are great!

Just remember, your new bird will need time to get used to you, your family and his birdy brother, so let him kind of watch everything. After he gets used to all of you, he and your present bird can play together if they have playtop(s) on their cages. Always be present when they are out of cages as any fighting or arguing will be done then, and you need to be there to referee and supervise. This is true anytime birds are out of cages and multip;e birds means you REALLY need to be there.

Hope this helps and congrats on your new family member who is coming!!! Send us pix of both of them when you can.


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