two baby cockatiels questions


Hello, I've bought two new cockatiels 2days ago and they seem perfectly fine, however the 4week old one doesn't seem to eat from the pot as well as the 6week old one, they eat when i put it on the big miror laying around or on one of my clothes, same with water. the 4week old one eats of my hand, but the 6week doesn't.

Also is it normal for the 4week old baby cockatiel to stand on its food? and is it normal for the 4week old one to poop big amount of dirt at once?

The 6week old one stepped on the 4week old one twice which seemed a bit wierd but the 4week old one didn't do anything.

How do i get them to start eating from the pot and drinking from there food pot?

There cage is medium sized which fits both of them since they are small but i'll be getting a bigger cage in few weeks time.

The 4week old one climbs on my hand when i rub his belly but sometimes it takes him/her 10minutes or more to get on my hand the 6week one doesn't really get on all the time.

I've clipped both of there wings, well the shop owner did apart from the last two feathers at the end.

The white one with yellow face is the 6week old one and the stripey coloured one is the 4week old one. yesterday i also noticed that once the 6week old one went into the cage the 4week old one started rushing into the cage too is it normal for them both to go in that the same time? i am thinking maybe the 4week old one feels safe next to the 6week old one.

The are both beside my laptop falling asleep. The white one also sits/sleeps on the food too but im not sure if its normal for standing or sitting on the food for the 6week one and 4week one.

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Oct 07, 2011
two baby cockatiels questions
by: Anonymous

One important note: When I said put syringe in on the left side of bird's mouth, I meant to say your left side because you'll be holding head with one hand and feeding with the other. So the left side as seen from back of baby's head. It would actually be baby's right side of mouth. You may not have to hold the head after the first few feeds as these guys are usually ready to go and will let you know by crouching down and crying and bobbing heads.

SORRY about that. It's been a while since I fed babies, and though I know how to do it, to talk someone through it is much harder.

If you have anymore questions or just want to let us know it's going, write when you can.


Oct 07, 2011
two baby cockatiels questions
by: Linda

Hi, I'm not the Avian Vet, and I was asked to answer your question because I've had experience raising the Cockatiels.

Your 4 week old baby is not old enough to be weaned and needs to still be handfed with baby parrot handfeeding formula(found here) using a syringe. The 6 week old one is not old enough to be weaned, and if it is eating good, then you need not worry. The heavy poops are a sign of an infection which will not get better until birds are examined, diagnosed and given prescription for proper medication. Take both birds in because these infections are highly contageous.

Please find an Avian Vet in your area and make sure it is an Avian Vet because dog and cat vets are not licensed or trained in the care of birds and usually misdiagnose infections and give too strong a dosage of meds, so do this quickly as your baby will die otherwise.

Most baby birds, even if weaned,revert back to needing to be fed at least a couple of times a day when moved. This is normal, and breeder or store should have told you this and avoided a starved baby bird.

So, here is what you need to do immediately. You need to find and make appointment with an Avian Vet and take both birds in. Get some baby parrot handfeeding formula and a few 10cc or ml syringes with tip. The formula is powder and has to have water added. Temperature needs to be hot, but not so hot it burns the inside of your wrist. Check temperature BEFORE feeding, and if it it too hot for the skin inside your wrist, it is too hot for the baby. Crop burn is very bad and means you may lose the baby. To feed, gently hold the baby's head, from behind, with two fingers around the back of the head. This is to steady head so food can be properly given. Insert the syringe tip into the left side of bird's mouth and squeeze out just enough so baby can swallow it. Do not put too much in at once or baby may aspirate it and develop pneumonia. Once baby gets a taste of the food, it will want to eat and swallow a bit faster. Just pace your delivery with baby's desire to eat.

You can put whatever medications the avian vet gives you in formula to make sure he gets it. The other bird is most likely also sick with the same infection, so take them both. Have Avian Vet do a "throat swab" to check for bacterial infections as this is more reliable than the anus.

The older baby may want to have some of formula, and it is okay to give him some. Feed one or both at least two times a day, and the younger one may need 3 times a day for a while.If putting meds in formula, make two batches of food so neither gets overdosed.

The handfeeding formula needs to be started right away, so you may wish to find some in a pet store that carries a good line of bird supplies. If not, the avian vet can help.We have it here, but the mail will take too long. Baby needs food NOW.

Let us know how it goes.


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