Two birds, two owners, same home.

by Kevin lee
(Toronto )

Hello Experts,

My girlfriend and I have decided to get two new baby conures arriving in 3 weeks. We're reading many blogs about how to prevent the birds from bonding with each other and more with their owners. We've decided to keep them in separate cages but in the same room but my question to you is; how do I prevent both birds from bonding with my girlfriend? She works from home so will be around them more than I am during the day. I would really like my bird to bond with me. We had a love bird that was nice to me, but only gave me a lot attention when she wasn't around. I would be crushed if the same thing were to happen again. I want what's best for the birds and suggested we have a scheduled playtime when we're both around until the bonding process is complete. We both love birds and I know it will be hard for her to limit play times/bonding times to when we're both present and I don't want my bird to feel neglected by watching my girlfriend play with her bird while I'm away.

Please help!

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Aug 10, 2017
Bonding question
by: Tracie

There is no way for you to control any of this, sorry. We had conures, they stayed in a cage with the door open to the play area on top and the cage sat behind me all day long as I worked. I played with the birds, fed the birds etc. Around 6 months old they decided they hated me and loved my husband that only saw them in the evenings!!

You can read about how we solved the conures from biting me all the time and eventually tolerating me by reading the biting GC conure article at

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