Two Budgies- Two different symptoms

by Mike Lee
(Reno, NV)

Budgies on top playground

Budgies on top playground


I have two budgies (Yellow & Blue) that I got from a pet store about 8 months ago. Both are human bond & will respond or crawl up to your finger upon calling their names. Recently in the past few weeks, the yellow one started experiencing a combination of left-foot twitching & head twitching (More frequent on its left leg like every 2-3 seconds). Also on its face by beak & cere area, there are these small white flakes.

The blue one seems to be doing fine on his on (Only a little skinnier). However, he developed this chewing addiction a month ago. When he's not hungry, he likes to play with a single seed with his mouth as if he's chewing a bubble gum. At times, it seems like he sneezes but no sign of snot.

What are these symptoms from both budgies? Also, is the yellow one a female based on the picture? I can see the blue one is a male with his blue cere.

They are caged daily & left on their playground before bed-time. At times they like to run around the carpet floor as part of their exercise. They sleep in their cage afterwards.

Food- Feeding Forti-Diet based seed & some Millet Sprays along with a cuttlebone. Water is changed out daily.
(no fruits or veggies since I cannot get them to eat- they're afraid of these types, any suggestions?)

Cage is kept cleaned with cleaned perches (Some perches covered with sand covers)

Water Bath properly 1-2 times a week with a spray that keeps their their feathers smooth.

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Apr 19, 2009
Budgie questions
by: Joe

I have 2 things to add to what the Vet said. The first one is that I have never seen a pellet tree and cannot buy one. Pellets are man made and full of trash that birds don't need along with the good stuff. In the wild they eat a combination of seeds, fruit and plant material. They need either a calcium perch, a mineral block, a cuttle bone, or a combination of these or all three if you want to make sure their calcium levels are kept where they should be. In the event that they don't eat any of these then liquid calcium is recommended but only after a visit to an avian vet and only in the ammount and only as long as he/she advises.


Sep 24, 2008
Budgie questions
by: The Vet

The yellow one may be too young to sex, but I think it is a female. The white flakes are probably feather dander and is likely normal. The twitching may be due to a nutritional deficiency, most likely calcium deficiency, and probable if you are feeding a seed diet.

The behavior of the blue one when he is rolling seed in his beak is probably nothing to be concerned about. I think you need to have them seen by an avian veterinarian for well bird check ups and have them vaccinated against polyomavirus.

Work on getting the switched to a pellet diet such as Harrison's. Also give the fresh vegetables and grains such as oatmeal, rice, couscous, spinach leaves, etc. as treats.

Remove the sand covers immediately. These are very bad for their feet. Get them a Polly's Pet Products Pastel Pedicure Perch for their nails or the Sweet Feet and Beak Safety Perch. Also take out all of the wooden dowel perches and replace them with store-bought natural branches. They also need a Bird Bungie for fun and exercise.

Only bathe them with plain water.

Dr. B

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