Two conures dead wihin twelve hours, help me understand.

by Raymond

I had a Red Mask and Jenday who were perfectly fine when I went to work yesterday. When I came home for work and the gym welve hours later, they were both dead. Both bird were 'rescues' and so I am not sure of their exact age. I had the Jenday for 16 yrs and the Red Mask for 10 yrs.

They were both male and shared a single cage that is 48 * 24 * 36 that can opened on top when I am home. They go along extremely well, often cuddling and grooming each other.

My first though was carbon monoxide, but I checked my detector and it was working fine. Also, my cats were fine, and I didn't experience any of the warning signs myself.

My next thought was that they gotten too cold. My roommate left a window open before he left town for a few days. But a look at the thermostat showed it was inside temp was 65, which is what I have always had the house set at. he cage is not in a breeze way, so I don' think it was a draft.

I have been getting their food from the same pet store for years. When I give them fresh fruit, it is always from a list of safe food and I make sure that all seeds are removed. They were give fresh water the night before, and were behaving like normal when I left.

I know a necropsy should be done, but their vet is out of town for a week helping his daughter settle in for college. I just would like some idea of what happened. If it was just one of them, I could see old age, but both of them, it had to be enviromental. Right?

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Oct 06, 2010
Both buddy and sarah within an hour
by: Mike

Both my conures just died within an hour of one another. They let out a chirp and died.

Ive had them for over 6 years.

My wife used Nx 1000 and I dont think that would
have killed them.

I cant afford a vet to look at them, but my heart is breaking. Sad to lose just one, but not both after this many years.

Sep 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

Did you use Frebreeze, carpet fresh, any aerosol sprays, cleansers, get new carpet, paint, anything with an odor, also carbon monoxide, gas smell?

Birds are so sensitive to smells. I recently painted a room in my house and got that Harminy paint with no VOC's in it. It costs a little more but is worth it if you have birds. I still opened all my windows and put blankets in the doorway and put on my air purifier in their room as a precaution.
I am very sorry for you loss. hope this info helps.

Sep 03, 2010
Did you use teflon pans near your birds?
by: Christina

I have heard that if you cook indoors on teflon pans, the fumes are toxic to birds ane the fumes can kill birds very quickly. Did you cook in a teflon pan near your birds

Sep 02, 2010
Two birds died suddenly
by: Tracie

How very, very sad! I am sorry for your loss.

You are correct, the only way to know what happened is if you quickly get a necropsy done. It doesn't have to be done by your vet, it he/she is out of town.

Dr B can not help, because there is just no way to know what happened without a necropsy.

I seems like something in the environment must have caused the deaths, because a disease would not kill them suddenly on the same day. A necropsy would help you find the cause, so if you get new birds they don't die also.

The list is way too long for what may have happened. Something breathed, something ingested are the two common culprits.

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