two parrots in same cage

i have noticed that my one parrot does not allow any other parrot to be in cage probably it seems that two of my parrots died who were in the same cage can u please help me to know is it possible

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Apr 01, 2012
Two partots in the same cage
by: Bill

I already have a talking parrtots and i am planing to get another one and put them in the same cage, but am not sure if thats a good idea, can amyone help me plz

Editor's note: NOT a good idea. If you want people to see and answer, you need to post a question, not an answer here to another question, at Parrot Questions

Sep 07, 2009
two parrots in same cage
by: Nasser

I ve tried to put them together, however, it seems that the are afraid from each other. I also saw something ubnormal and I dont know if its a good sign or not,you can call it a kiss ...

Aug 22, 2009
by: shishir

i will follow and respect ur views

Aug 21, 2009
same cage
by: Linda

If the one parrot does not want another bird in his/her cage, then you have to respect your bird's decision. If birds are different species, then it is just as well as they normally don't get along that well in same cage. Birds can be best of friends while each has their own space and become adversaries when we try and put them together in same cage. Also, a cage for two larger parrots needs to be twice to three times as large as the cage for one, and they both need food, water and treat bowls. I say, let it go for now and maybe later you can try again or not.

Just make sure both have a large enough cage filled with safe natural wood branches perches, safe toys sized appropriately for them with no sharp points ot anything on which they can become injured.Cages should be roomy enough for birds to spread out their wings fully and flap if they want to. The dimensions usually given for size of cages for parrots are too small. Double or triple those dimensions, and you will be somewhere in the right ball park. Even birds that come out a lot need a cage that has an "open" feeling about it. Too small cages for the larger parrots has resulted in mental illness just as it would with us if we were placed into a small room with no where to go. Always put yourself in your bird's place if you can visualize being so small where the world is such a scarey place. Their cage is their sanctuary, and so it needs to be comfortable, safe and roomy.

They may get along fine when out of cage playing on a playtop or on a standing perch. Just don't push the TOGETHERNESS as this can result in accident and injury.


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