Tyco the Quaker Parrot

by Desirae Chipman

Tyco is a quaker parrot. He will be one year old on May 12, 2010. I got him as a gift for my 15th birthday. My heart has always been with birds. I raised orphan birds with my dad growing up, and ever since then i've had a soft spot for birds.

I did A LOT of research on which kind of bird would be "right" for me, and recommend that everybody planning on getting a bird (or any other pet for that matter) do the same. I have heard of Quaker parrots before, but i didn't really know much about them. I mostly had my mind set on a Goffin Cockatoo or a Red Lored Amazon.

When i met a quaker parrot in a pet store...i fell in love! I am a rough 'n tumble kind of girl, so i like the hardy things. This kind of bird was definitely my kind of bird. I did some more research on them, and had my heart set on the Quaker.

My 15th bday was approaching when i finally e-mailed a quaker breeder in Oregon. He offers the BEST and healthiest babies possible. I enjoyed talking to him, and i definitely shared his compassion for birds. When i got to his house i had a plan to hold each bird and see which one i connected with most, male or female. The other birds were all busy eating and cleaning each other, and when i saw one bird hanging upside down bobbing his head, i knew that bird had to be mine.

I planned on naming it "Tikka" which means Hyena in some tribal language, because i wanted a nippy bird. A bird that i can gently and safely "rough house" with, without him getting all but hurt and mean. I wanted him to be a boy, so i switched up the name so it was masculine. So Tyco it was!

It took him about a week to warm up to me. Almost a year since he's hatched, he says a lot! Stuff like:
-C'mon! C'mon! C'mon!
-C'mon Tyco!
-Pretty bird!
-Shake hands!
-GOOD boy!
-Can you dance? Dance Tyco! Good job!
-Hi apollo! (the indian ringneck he's best friends with. Named after the Greek sun god because of his color and bright spirit.)
-You want some food? Hungry?
-Go potty..gross!
-You wanna take a bath?
-Cleaning? those pretty feathers!
and whistles a lot of different tunes and growls! :)

Tyco is very much a momma's boy. Extremely bonded to me, and definitely a protector. I think he thinks that i am his girlfriend, because he doesn't let any males get near me. He growls, hisses, and will attack any boy that gets too close! He cuddles with me 24/7, and rarely wants to leave my shoulder. He enjoys neck massages, and dance off's haha.

Tyco is EXTREMELY loud when he is on my shoulder, because he has a "location" call that travels quite a distance, and when he does it on my shoulder, it makes my ear ring. If you are a person with sensitive ears, maybe quakers aren't exactly the bird for you.

Living with a parrot is definitely an experience, the bird food is sometimes a hassle, always has me vaccuming the carpet. The bird poop got to be a hassle, until i recently got a bird diaper that Tyco proudly wears when wandering the house :)I love when he talks, its always a joy having him around. He flies to me when i say "cmon", and play fights. He's "froggy" because he is protective of everything thats "his" and definitely a knee slapper all the time.

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Feb 29, 2012
thank you
by: desi

thanks for sharing your memories with Tyco.
i miss my little bird so much... my dads death anniversary was yesterday, it was even harder without tyco there like he has been the last few years.
I have a tattoo of tyco on my arm, and i plan on getting parrot feet prints on my shoulder as a permanent reminder that hes always with me in heart.
I miss the ringneck that was his best friend, he was a great talker. sounded just like me!
i miss all my other animals too, but tyco was by far the best i've had.

There isn't a day that i dont think about that bird. :') mommy did love you.. too much for her own good! lol..

Feb 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

Tyco was a sweet lil guy. Dez. Really loved him with all she had. Poor tyco did not deserve to get ill. My ringneck misses him. They were best friends. We had two quakers one died, don't know why, we have our own idea as to how Ed died, no proof. Pat was his girl/mate. She was close to death too. We were able to save her, she is now doing well. We can even hold her now, what a sweetie! We have four birds now and they are all happy and healthy!
I know int heart that Tyco was loved, a bunch. I am sorry for his passing. Our ringneck just now said "come on tyco" it is so cute. Rest well Tyco, your mom really loved you!

Feb 22, 2012
by: classafied

poor little teeco:(

Nov 01, 2011
R.I.P Tyco <3
by: Anonymous

Sweet little Tyco passed away the day after September 11, of this year, 2011.

I was devastated.
He had a stroke shortly after i posted the above story, and he became paralyzed. He was still my baby though no matter if he could walk or talk, or if he needed hourly help. Tyco was my most memorable, unforgettable, most enjoyable pet i've ever had. I customized EVERYTHING for him to make his life easier and make him feel just like all my other birds i had. He was happy :) even though he crawled around, i let his wings grow out so he could fly, and he enjoyed it. I set up soft cushion-ey (sp?) landing spots around my room so he knew where he could land safely. A couple days before he passed, i noticed a bald spot on his head, and the skin turned a dark red almost a blue/purple. I still dont know what that was but i'm sure it had something to do with his death. I didn't have any money for a vet, as i was kicked out and living on babysitting money for me and Tyco, (Tyco was my priority though, ALWAYS!) and on September 12th, my sweet little Tyco left me. It truly broke my heart. That little bird has impacted my life so positively and so greatly that I can't ever imagine forgetting him. He was a gentle little soul, froggy, but a very loving companion.

I'll never meet another animal that has brought so much happiness, joy, responsibility, and laughter as much as Tyco did. I LOVE YOU BIRDIE! <3
Fly free as your spirit should my beautiful friend (:

Mar 17, 2010
Tyco the Quaker Parrot
by: Linda

Yours is one of the BESTEST stories I've heard in a long time!! Thank you so much for sharing about your little Tyco, and it sounds as if you and he have a wonderful, loving relationship. Also, let him be the judge of any potential boyfriends as he sounds like a good judge of character!

As for screaming in your ear, we recommend birds not be on the shoulder for many reasons. One is the ear ringing, two is that sometimes when a person approaches you, and the bird does not like them, bird will bite your face, eyes, nose or mouth. This is called displaced aggression and is common to the entire animal kingdom. Since we don't carry our dogs and cats on our shoulders, it is not such a problem.

Feeding will be less messy if Tyco is weaned onto an organic pelleted diet. An all seed diet is unhealthy and leaves a lot to be desired as for nutrition. Tracie carries several kinds of the organic pellets out here, and we have Red-Lored Amazons and feed them the Harrison's.

Again, thank you for a wonderful story, and Tyco is a very smart little boy and has an extremely large vocabulary. You sound proud of him, and you should be as he sounds wonderful!!!

Keep in touch with us as we always love great bird stories and are also here to help if anything goes wrong along the way. Basically, we are all bird people helping each other care for our birds in the best ways possible.

Linda, Eli and Stella

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