U2 refuses to eat pellets

by Kat

I have a 3 year old female U2. I have had her about 6 weeks and when I got her she had only ate a seed mix diet. I want to get her on a good pellet diet so I have mixed her seeds with pellets but she throws the pellets out. I bought the colored pellets and tried that but she only eats the red ones. What do I need to do to get her diet changed over without causing her stress and going without eating?

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Feb 14, 2009
pellet diets
by: Lynn

I have an african grey timneh and he refuses to eat pellets. I have tried every kind imaginable especially the organic ones and he still won't eat them. I try to disguise them in birdie bread but then he won't eat the bread. I have one heck of a time. I have even tried to give him only pellets and he will actually starve himslf and then I give in after about a day of him not eating at all. I do give him fresh fruit and veges and most everything good that I eat so I hope he is getting the nutrition he needs. He is 10 years old. I must be doing something right. the vet says he is healthy. Now my cockateil eats pellets with no problem and I am thankful for that. Do any of you have any ideas to get Quincy to eat pellets. Something that I haven't tried yet. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Lynn

Feb 14, 2009
by: Amy

I, too, had a problem getting my birds to eat pellets. I tried most of the popular brands including Zupreem and Harrisons. A lovebird breeder told me to try Roudybush pellets. I bought different sized pellets, all by Roudybush, for my various sized birds. I have to say they all liked them, ate them, and have been on Roudybush pellets for 3 years now. They also like their seed,which I buy locally, and fruit and nut mixes that I buy them at the Parrot Supply Store. I give them their fresh veggies and cut up fruits when they come out onto their playstands at night. That's their special treat. Try the Roudybush pellets for your U2. You can get them on this site. Good luck!

Feb 14, 2009
Getting bird to eat pellets
by: Tracie

This one I have experience with! Dr. B has an article you can read called Switching Birds to Pellets.

You can NOT give up and please do NOT give your bird junk pellets. Giving them low quality colored pellets is like feeding your kid Twinkies to get them to eat and then giving them vitamins to make up for it.

Also, the colored pellets are notorious for causing feather destruction and plucking problems in birds. Then, even when you change the diet, they are in the habit of chewing feathers and still chew them out of habit.

We have a parakeet that was weaned to pellets and had never seen a seed. I felt that he needed seed too, so I put organic seed in with his Harrison's every single day for a year.

It took over a year for that bird to decide to eat seeds. He either ignored them or flung them out of the dish every day. Of course once he realized he liked seeds he preferred them over pellets. ;-)

I only offer pellets to my birds until after lunch every single day. They are most hungry in the morning and you have a better chance at getting them to eat them, once they recognize them as food.

OK, the bigger birds share a tiny bit of our breakfast in the morning, but we don't put it in their dish, we hand them a bite.

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