ugh....Willie our quaker hates me.

by Pam
(Ontario, Canada)

We recently adopted a 1yr old quaker parrot.

He is very tame with his original owners and was only slightly shy when we got him home.

Immediately started chattering away with both my husband and I while being very cautious with our 6yr old.

In the following days he became increasingly affectionate with my husband and increasingly hostile towards me.

Now, I can no longer even pet him. I swear he tries to trick me to come closer to him so he can bite me.
He says "step up" "step up"
and so I present my hand CHOMP!

yesterday he strolled over to me on the couch and was kind of kissing (?) my arm...almost grooming it I would say. And then CHOMP.

The petstore where the original owners purchased him say he was NEVER a biter...they loved him. They could do anything with him.

She suggested that I exclusively feed him "baby-mash" from a syringe for a week...3 times a day. Then he'll soften up to me since he "needs me for something"

I started that yesterday...but seriously...I think he hates me MORE today.

He'll come off this cage and stand on the arm of the love seat while I feed him...then he immediately climbs his cage and yells at me.

He did step up once for me...but I think he did only to get a better bite in.

HARD! He's left marks!


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Jul 21, 2009
by: Linda

Sorry to hear about problems with Willie. Do read the materials Tracie called to your attention.

The other issue is has he been to an Avian vet for a checkup? If not, before any training, it is necessary that he be checked out to make sure he is healthy enough to start any kind of training program. if bird has never been around children, they make birds nervous.

I'd have vet do is run a DNA test to find out what sex this bird is. If this is a female and not a male as you think, once she has either reached or going into puberty, she will bond with your husband. She sounds young for that, but could be pre-puberty.I had an Indian Ringneck who turned out to be a female, and she appeared to "hate" me too.I rescued her from a bad situation, and for a while, she was sweet, talked, kissed. After 6-8 months, she started turning into the "Green Thing from Hell!". She would bite at any opportunity even though I still did all the feeding and cleaning for all the birds. However, when my husband would come home from work, she was all sweetness and light. He actually accused me of being jealous of the "PRECIOUS GREEN BIRDY". As soon as he would leave in the morning for work, her whole personality would change. She would start screaming, and when I tried to see what I could do to help her, she bit me very hard, drawing blood.

I knew what was happening, but this was very drastic. I called our bird club and found that the President raised the Ringnecks. She came and took her home, put her with a male, and within a month or so, "Snoopy" was a proud Mother of 4 little chicks. She was ready to mate, and the only male available was my husband (kind of an Oddball "other woman" story, I must say).

So, take your bird to vet to make sure he/she is healthy, and have him sex him/her. Just talk with your vet about it.

If he is a she and bonded with your husband, you might consider getting another Quaker, who has been sexed as a male. Do not put them together at once as this can cause fights and death sometimes. Put them in separate cages close together and let them get to know each other first. If there is a playtop or a play area, this would be neutral ground for them to get to know one another. It is hard to find a really young male unless the breeder has already had bird sexed. Please DO NOT buy a bird from a pet store as they are sometimes sold sick(at least in the USA, they are). Getting another bird may the only way to change this behavior.

Take bird to vet first and have it checked out. Then go ahead and try some of the training ideas you'll find out here. Also make sure bird gets 12 hours of darkness and rest each night. Cage needs to be somewhere where bird can be put to bed at around 9pm and up at say 8-9. You can cover cage if necessary. A tired bird is a very cranky bird.

Let us know how everything goes.

Jul 20, 2009
Quaker seems to hate people
by: Tracie

Most all parrots bite, but you can be trained to help them not bite you and others. ;-)

We have a few articles that might help you on our Parrot Training page. One of the articles talks about how my husband, the favored person to my bird, trained our conure to stop biting me.

Besides finding out what is bothering your parrot, these articles touch on the fact that you can train them to replace the biting with a positive action.

First make sure that you do not allow the parrot to show his/her disapproval of things it does not like. Parrots are not robots that we can "make" do what we want. They have feelings and desires just like us and get upset when we do not show them respect. Earn their respect and you can train them to do things both for their happiness and yours.

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