Umbrella Cockatoo eating problem

by Jolyne

Hi, I resently got a umbrella cockatoo named Elton from a friend that was going thru a divorce and I just love him. He is only 14 months old and spoiled. But my problem is that he wont eat.

When my friend got him she was suringe feeding him 2xs a day and she never started him on anything else. well she did put out fruits and veg but he never ate anything. he is now comming to me and is only eating baby cereal that you mix with warm milk with crushed nuts in it sometimes.

she fed him a piece of poptart once in awhile too. i have pellets and nuts and seeds in his casge all the time but all he does is throw them out of his bowls. i dont know what to do. i love him and dont want to see him starve himself. I have to give him the baby cereal 2 xs a day and i dont work but if i have to go away this isnt very practicle let alone i know its not good for him.
please help me

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Jan 11, 2009
Getting Cockatoo to eat pellets and good food
by: Tracie

We have articles on our Parrot Training page that might help you.

Please read the Switching Birds to Pellets article first and then you might also want to read the article on Parrot Health.

You might also contact a breeder of Cockatoo's and get advice on weaning. I am not a breeder and do not have experience with weaning birds.

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