umbrella cockatoo not eating

by mara mays
(hudson nc)

My umbrella hasnt wanted to eat for 24 hrs. when should I worry.

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Dec 22, 2009
umbrella cockatoo not eating
by: Linda

If your bird has not eaten in 24 hours, you should be extremely worried. You will need to take her into see an Avian Vet to rule out infections, impactions, etc.

There is usually a physically-based reason when birds stop eating, and it requires the services of a trained professional to diagnose and treat whatever is wrong. Birds with infections of any kind will stop eating, and they will die if not treated.

Sometimes birds become spoiled by refusing to eat the good stuff and being given junk food or some other "treat". This is rewarding a bird for misbehavior, and once it works for them, they'll do it over and over again. So long as a bird is eating something and drinking water, they will eventually start back eating the regular pellets and/or birdy bread and fruit and veggies. It is okay to offer something wholesome when they become bored with their food which is what happens. It's also a good idea to have their regular pellets plus another kind on hand. We use Harrison's for our Amazons, and we also mix in some of the Golden Feast Glo'bules as they like the difference in shape and texture. Try all of the above for a bird who is NOT sick.

Your bird needs to go to an Avian Vet immediately unless she resumes eating right away. When they go off their feed, the longer they are off, the less likely they will be to eat again. Sick birds do not want to eat, and will have to be handfed baby parrot formula with a syringe if they are not treated soon enough. Sometimes a very sick bird will have to be handfed anyway. I had to do that with a "throw-away" Amazon at a store I worked in. She had pneumonia, and store owner refused to take her to vet as she was not worth anything anyway, he said. I had to buy her and spent another $500-%600 on her getting her well. She had to be handfed 4 times a day and had to have meds given via shot in breast twice a day. So, you don't want to wait this long or you risk your bird not making it.

Keep us posted on how this goes, as your information can help someone else with a similar situation.


Dec 15, 2009
Won't eat
by: Hillary

My Amazon will go a day or two without her regular mix. Expensive, it kind of irks me, but I started putting out three food bowls with a variety of foods she likes besides the mix-

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