Umbrella cockatoo possible foot cramp

by Misty
(Park rapids, mn)

My umbrella cockatoo periodically looks like one of her legs is cramping. It's like she can't move it then a couple minutes later. Can parrots get leg cramps? What can I do to help her?

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Sep 21, 2017
Cramping leg
by: Anonymous

It can be a sign of calcium deficiency which can be very dangerous and fatal if left too long. Even an apparently healthy diet can be lacking in species specific nutrients so it is always advisable to research your bird's natural diet & to give food & supplements to mimic it.

Nov 12, 2014
by: Misty

Hi, it was suspected seizures due to malnutrition so vet told me to make a mash using hand feeding formula baby food peanut butter etc and he gave me a tool and taught me how to put it down into her crop. She had numerous tests and it all came back negative but I had her on baytril for two weeks. I also bought her a huge cage with a playtop on top. Her foot issue lessened with diet suppliment . I agree with you it is horrifying to witness and even stumped my avian vet . I wish you the best of luck.

Nov 10, 2014
misty and your bird with the possible dot cramp
by: joscelyn

My bird, goffin is showing symtoms of a right foot cramp. Her leg totally gives out and them with in a min she is back to normal. So frightening to watch. She is under the care of a great avain vet who says it possibly could be seizures. But she doesn't fall completely and her eyes are open. Ugh. .. What was the diagnosis for your bird. Any info would be appreciated

Apr 06, 2014
by: Allen Johnson

Practically thinking if I would be in your position, I won't try getting answers for what my pet is suffering here in the net. If she's suffering that much, I recommend that you bring her/him to a veterinarian.

Jan 17, 2014
by: Alex

It's my pleasure Misty. Glad I could help.

Don't hesitate to get back in contact if you have any further questions.

Thanks for getting in contact.

Jan 17, 2014
Thanks Alex
by: Misty

This is a cockatoo I saved before cmas (owner was threatening to leave outside petshop in below zero weather if they wouldn't take her).
The cage she came in is too small so I'm thinking that is the problem. I am in the process of getting her another one so when I'm home she has allot of outside cage time.
I already have a cockatoo conure and quaker parrot who are spoiled rotten. This parrot even tho it's fully feathered was on a seed diet. I'm doing a conversion to pellet and I prepare foods for my birds too.
I'm rural and the avian vets are all down in the cities I plan to get her checked over when the weather changes. Unless I notice illness.
I should add she's 17 years old screamed like hell for 3 weeks and she is finally learning everything is ok and she don't need to scream for attention. Ear protection has been useful.
I just have never seen this behavior before it's odd and one she moves her foot a bit she's fine. It has to be the awful cage she's in.
Thanks again Alex

Jan 17, 2014
Thank you
by: Misty

Thank you for your reply

Jan 15, 2014
Re: Cramping Foot
by: Patricia W

Are you sure it's cramping or is she just tucking her leg up in by her belly?

I had many birds and they say when they are content they will stand on one leg and tuck the other one up by there belly and they all have done it.

I hope that is what she is doing!!

Jan 15, 2014
cramping leg
by: Alex

I would think that birds can get cramp, but the leg could look like it is cramping, when in fact there is another reason.

Is this a one off, or is this an on-going issue?

If it is on-going or happens multiple times, then I would suggest getting the bird to an avian vet.

If the bird is fine now, it may have had cramp.

What sort of perches do you have for the bird / where does it perch outside the cage (day and night)?

Natural perches are best as they encourage the feet to continually adjust as branches are not smooth and are different widths across.

Make sure any branches are from bird safe trees.

Tracie should be able to link you to a page on safe and unsafe woods.

If you are using wood dowels or perches that are the same width across, then the bird can get cramp from the feet being in the same position for extended periods of time.

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