Buffy the Umbrella Cockatoo screams so loud everyone on the street can hear him.

Umbrella Cockatoo picture

Buffy is a male umbrella Cockatoo. He is 4 years old as of the fall of 2006. He's such a clown and loves to dance the whole day. He says hello Buffy, he loves to eat corn and peas, he loves to be held and get his head scratched.

He wants me to be with him 24/7 or he'll scream so loud that it may drive you crazy. When he screams anyone on my street can hear him.

I have to watch his body language so I'll not get a bite from him, which could be a major bite.

He hates to be inside the cage and he'll destroy any toys you give him in a day. He even destroys his thick perches.

He is a very very messy eater and needs cleaning around his cage several times a day to keep my house clean.

A piece of advice to anyone who interested in parrots, they require lots of work, an acceptance of noise, they are expensive to raise and expect some bites.

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