Undiagnosed cockatiel issue

by Odi

Last week we noticed our female cockatiel was using beak to get around. She is barely able to use her legs and her wings. She looked fatigued. We took her to an avian vet on friday 05/01/2015 who did blood work, gave her a shot of vitamins and also fed her.

The blood work came back all normal. He advised us to feed her stage 1 baby food and she how she does. There has been minimal improvement.

She started pucking the hair on her chest i noticed a lump on her chest. I dont know if this is normal anatomy for a cockatiel. She is still using her beak to move around. I am so concerned. Can someone please help me.

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May 06, 2015
Bird plucking and unstable
by: Tracie

Have you contacted your avian vet? It sounds like they need to do a more extensive blood test. Sometimes a bird plucks because it is trying to get to the discomfort under the feathers. It may itch, it may hurt, it may be neither, it may just be plucking due to stress.

Please call your avian vet and let them know what is going on, and if they are not concerned find another vet. I hope you get this figured out. ((hugs))

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