Unexpected Death

by Bobbie Gutierrez
(San Ygnacio, TX, U.S.)

Bailey 2 years old Sun Conure

Bailey 2 years old Sun Conure

My mother's Bird, Bailey was a 2 year old Son Conure. Yesterday was the like any other day. My mother lets him out of the cage for a while. He flies around the house and gets wt under the faucet and so on. This was his routine for quite some time. At the sound of everyone waking up he starts yelling about.

Today being Christmas eve and all, family members have been coming in and out all morning, and not a peep was coming out of Bailey. When my mother went to investigate, he was on the floor. He was already hard as if it had happened last night.

I wonder what could have happened. Could it be a possibility of choking? It's really sad this happened. He was a great and wonderful friend to my mom.

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Dec 26, 2011
by: Bobbie

Thanks for such kind words and helpful hints. I knew about the Teflon but never about those other toxic items. He had already spent a previous Christmas with us, so we didn't think anything of it. It was all so sudden. My mother is looking for another parrot, but she is still pretty skeptical if it will help the healing process. Only time will tell.

Dec 25, 2011
Unexpected death
by: Karen

So sorry to hear your sad news. You must be devastated. I lost my baby African grey last week and I'm totally heart broken. So i can understand how are feeling.. The only thing I can say is the first few days you will be crying all the time ,but after a week goes by ,it does get easier. Still heart broken. I couldn't. Eat ,sleep or talk to people for 6 days. So sad for you. Sending you kisses and big hugs xx

Dec 25, 2011
Conure died suddenly
by: Tracie

Oh how sad! I am so sorry for your loss.

Many things are possible here, since she allows her bird to fly free around the home. So many things are toxic to birds, even the metal on ceiling fans can be toxic if the bird licks it.

Around Christmas time people add even more toxic items to their homes, so it is very possible that the bird chewed something toxic or breathed fumes from candles, air fresheners, Teflon coating on an iron, toaster oven, oven or frying pan etc.

If your mother gets another bird, please encourage her to keep it's wings trimmed so that it can not fly around the house. Encourage her to purchase a play stand for the bird or a cage with a play top instead.

We have a Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list that might be helpful and also some parrot health and training articles on our Parrot Training page too.

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