unfertilized eggs

My bird has just laid one unfertilized egg and it appears she is bulging as if another could drop. She has been swinging on her swing ever since, almost nonstop. I'm wondering if the motion is helping her work out the other egg?

The first one fell to the bottom of the cage and broke an I'm also wondering if the swinging behavior is maybe in response to the breaking egg being traumatizing at all? I don't have a nesting place for her to lay eggs, she's just always stayed on perches so I don't really know what to do! this is her first time having an egg, she is 13. Any advice or ideas so I'm not freaking out? Thanks for your help!

Acacia D. Schalk

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Sep 12, 2008
Unfertilized eggs
by: Conure4u

First of all if there is no male present then the egg is definitely unfertilized.
On the other hand if there is a male present and there is a possibility that they could be fertile; I would suggest you placing a hatching box or card board box in the cage for her to build a nest.
Things that your bird can use to put in the nest are: Stings from Berlap or yarn, Newspaper, or even wood shavings. Normally the birds will build the onside of the nest themselves and use their droppings as a cement (Believe it or not).
Good luck with the eggs and I hope you get some grand birds soon.
P. S. The rocking motion on the swing has not baring on when she lays her eggs.

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