unfertilizied conure eggs

I have a female cherry-head conure that recently laid 2 eggs (unfertilizied) how long should I let her keep them? and if I take them from her should I replace them with something else she can cuddle with till the nesting time is over. thanks

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Sep 05, 2009
by: Linda

Throw eggs away immediately as if one gets cracked and bird eats any of the contents, she may die from Albumin poisoning. It is a slow, painful and mostly irreversible poisioning like human botchulism and is most always fatal.

You can buy fake eggs in some pet stores or on the internet the same size as your conure's eggs, and she can then sit on them after you take the real eggs out and throw away.

Thanks for writing and hope you can find the fake eggs quickly. In the meantime, take out every egg as soon as possible and throw it away. Your bird will NOT hate you or even dislike you for this. She is just doing what comes natural, and without a male or a nestbox, is not that committed to these eggs.


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