Unfertillized eggs in the cage

by Amy
(Hollywood, Florida, USA)

Good Afternoon, My African Grey (21 yrs old) has laid her first few eggs. We removed the first because it was broken. She has had 2 eggs in the cage and has been laying on them for the last 5 weeks. Other sites say to leave them until the bird becomes uninterrested. I'm concerned that she is going to stay on them indefinately. What shold I do?

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Oct 27, 2009
African Grey sitting on eggs
by: The Vet

Do nothing. She will not sit on them indefinitely. If you take them away she is going to lay more, which is more of a problem than her sitting on them. If she is not getting up to eat and drink, then move the food and water closer to her for convenience.

What is most important is her diet. She needs to be on 80% pellets ( Harrison's is the best), and no more than 20% treats. A treat is anything that is not a pellet. Pellets will prevent calcium-mineral deficiencies that lead to egg binding and other serious side effects.

Dr B

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