Unfriendly Sun Conure

by Pj
(Gold Coast Australia)

Sun Conure in flight

Sun Conure in flight

Hi I have been owned by a male Sun Conure for the past 6 years.. He has adopted my wife as his soul mate and appeared frustrated... He spends most of his time free flying around the ship we live on...Or in the shed I bought him... We bought a baby female hoping she would be better company than my wifes neck.... He just wants to tear her a new one.... I have to alternate them being out of their separate cages... Is there any way I can get him to make friends with her... She tries so hard with him that it is embarrassing... Yesterday I got them to touch beaks (it has taken 3 months) him inside and her outside... PJ

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Apr 03, 2010
Thanks But
by: Pj

Thanks for the advise Linda however clipping Mickys wings is not an option when you live on a boat... We learnt the hard way with our first Sun Conure when he fell overboard and I couldn't save him in time... If he had been flighted he would still be around... We have screens all round and he has only got out once, did a quick lap of the Marina and didn't like it one bit... He flew straight back and landed on my shoulder... His greatest joy is flying up and down between the decks and over to his shed.. Milly is only 6 months old so has another year till she is mature... We will not be breeding them but I am kind of hoping that if I can get them to at least tolerate each other it might be a different story when she goes into heat?? what do you think... I am not going to even attempt to have them both out until she is flighted..(The breeder trimmed one wing before we bought her and she hasn't grown them back out yet) Pj

Apr 02, 2010
Unfriendly Sun Conure
by: Linda

Well, from what I read, the very first thing needs to be done is having both birds' wings clipped. They will then settle down much better, and the male will especially settle down some. Take them to an Avian Vet and have ONLY the 6 Primary feathers at the end of the wings trimmed.They are the long feather on end of each wing. Do not allow them to trim up any higher as this causes constant pain for the birds. This way, they can glide gently to the floor and not drop like a rock. You will need to be very aware of where both are at all times once the wings are clipped as they will sink in the water if they fall outside the boat. If they make little birdy life preservers, it would be a good idea to put them on them when they are out of cage. Some birds love being dressed up in outfits, so would just have to see, I guess.

The wing clipping is how to begin to tame a wild bird and/or to get a bird to be more ready for training of any kind. A fully flighted bird does not care what you want as he can do as he pleases when he pleases. A bird with clipped wings is another story as they become more dependent upon us and our wishes for them. It is NOT cruel to trim wings a little and in this case may be the only way to have any effect on this bird's bad behavior. Keep the female safe from him at all times. Do not ever leave them together unless you are right there to grab one or the other and move it to safety. It will take this male a while to settle down, and if he is breeding age, he may very well want to do that, which will not be possible on a boat, so don't bother with a nest box. Keep both birds in separate cages forever unless they get to be a nice pair and show this all the time. Never trust these two together right now as the new bird will be killed soon as he gets a chance to do it. His "home" is your boat, and it is a small territory for a bird who can fly for miles in the open sky. He is jealous of the new bird on HIS boat and with HIS people and anything else he's labeled as HIS (which is everything in sight).

Welcome to the world of being owned by a bird, and you can still exercise your rights here, just have to kind of go in the back door with them.This is so the bird does not know that HIS pets are going to exercise their God-given rights! You may be laughing, and you already know you are HIS to keep, so keep laughing...

Let us know how everything goes with your situation, and hopefully all will work out very well.


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