Unhappy Conure

Our sun cheeked conure, used to be a lovely, lovely family bird. When our youngest son was born, the bird developed a jealousy beyond anything we could deal with. A year ago we took him to a parrot behaviour expert and his cage is all decked out according to their suggestions. He is eating the food she suggested too. And we are really trying to be good conure owners.. with not a lot of success..

It is not working and he now tries to attack all short people he sees.

I am wondering if the most bird friendly thing we could do is to find him a new home - or if adding another conure is a better solution?

You just never know what kind of home the bird would go to, if we have to surrender him.. I just hate for him to remain bitter and jealous (plus, the only time he gets out of the cage is at night when the kids are safely in their beds - as he almost bit a little finger right off once..) Even without the kids around he is "off" and clearly not happy.

As I am writing this I hear that it sounds selfish to want to keep him - we've just been holding out for the miracle cure to his jealous behaviours and unhappy sounds while alone in his cage :(

Beyond surrendering this bird - would anyone have any suggestions???? We are willing to work on this a little longer.

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Sep 01, 2009
by: Linda

Hi, and I'll try to get this into the 3,000 word limit! First of all, it not uncommon for birds to change when a family has children or even new pets. Children frighten birds because their actions are quick and sporadic.Since they have intelligence and emotions of roughly a 4-5 year old child, they will behave like jealous children. Your kids will need to be much older before they are safe to "get to know" this parrot or any others for that matter.8-10 year olds can work effectively with parrots.

I think your idea of another conure is your best bet at this point. Make sure they are kept in separate roomy cages close to one another so both can communicate with each other. The fact that your bird is in "lockdown" now is another factor that is making him crazy. He feels that he has lost your love, and birds who feel lost like this can become dangerous as they are wild animals after all. All hope is NOT lost. First, take your bird to Avian vet and have him checked out. New bird will need to also go to Avian vet right after you get him--before coming home if possible. Make sure both cages are very roomy where they can fully extend their wings and flap them. Also cages with play tops will also help later when your bird comes out of cage. Your bird is also going to be jealous of the new bird, just not as bad as with the children. Do NOT let the birds out at the same time, unless both you and husband each have one, and make sure you are holding and watching them constantly when they are out of cage. You will need to leave new bird alone for a few days or a week so he can get to know his new home. Children need to be kept away from both birds. If you have another small room for the birds, that would be ideal. We put a screen (welded wire) door on our parrots room so they can come out of cage and be safe from dogs and cannot fly all over the house.

Your new conure does not have to be the same kind as your present one, and breeding should not be on the agenda, so sex is not of concern. Let them get to know one another in the safety of their cages and later you can let them out together. Be ready to jump in and throw a towel over the troublemaker--always keep a towel handy. If bird starts trouble, put him back in cage and say bad bird. If new bird is sweet and loving, please let other bird see that it gets more time out because it is nice. Hopefully this will work!!!!!

You are an honorable person to be trying to find answers instead of just "getting rid" of bird. Bad behaviors get worse everytime they have to be moved, and a lot of folks resort to abuse and neglect. Talk with your vet about this situation and see if they can add any ideas to the mix. Keep us posted on how this is going, and be very careful with new bird to keep it safe. Your present bird will come to love new bird and feel not so lost and alone in time. Good Luck and God Bless You and Your Family--pray about this and ask for help--it will come of that I'm certain.


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