Unhappy parakeet?

by Glori

My 6 year old, healthy looking parakeet began, weakly, and incessantly, chirping this morning---and only stops briefly when entertained. It is a very weak, unhappy sound. Otherwise, his eyes are clear, feathers flat and smooth, stools normal, and he likes attention--stops briefly when spoken to. He's not fluffed up and sleeping. Any ideas?

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Jul 23, 2008
by: Glori

Thank you for the feedback. The alarm call sounds like a possibility, although everything seems in order, and there've been no changes to the environment. I'll look around for an avian vet.

Jul 23, 2008
Parakeet unhappy?
by: The Vet

There may be something distressing her, like her food or water dish is empty, or she saw something outside that alarmed her. What you are describing is an alarm call. It is rarely used as a sign of pain, however, a trip to your avian veterinarian may be able to determine the cause for the screaming.

It may also be she is enjoying herself and is vocalizing her happiness. My budgie will occasionally do the the same thing. Birds need to visit an avian veterinarian annually for well-bird exams. Maybe it is time to take yours just for a check up to be sure this is not something else.

Dr B

Jul 23, 2008
by: Anonymous

Has there been any changes in the interaction that the parakeet has been recieving? If he is not getting as much attention as he is use to he may just be trying to get your attention. Sometimes my keets do this right before it rains. IF you think that something is wrong with him and there have been no changes in the keets normal diet and daily life then I would take him to the vet. Just to be on the safe side.

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