unmated hen senegal laying eggs

Help! My hen Senegal is on the floor of her cage, having laid the first egg ever in the 8 years we've had her - so she's at least 9, maybe more. The male bird is in the next cage and they haven't mated. She's looking puffed up and is panting, breathing heavily. It's past 1am and I don't have any liquid calcium I can give her before getting her to the avian vet in the morning - he's away. could she be egg bound and trying to pass another egg?

Thanks you.

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Dec 05, 2011
Reply to advice.
by: Jo - the birds owner

Thanks for the reply. All my birds are already on Harrisons, as recommended by Brian Stockdale a few years ago, specialist Avian vet in England. I rushed our Mary to him and he said she's fine, in vgc, that she had another egg on the way but wasn't egg bound. I'm now covering her cage at 6pm, moving it around in daylight, removing newspaper flooring etc which she liked to tear up into bedding - and not feeding her Power Treats when she's hormonal.

The unusual thing is that Mary has nver laid eggs before and she's now 11-12 years old! Nothing has changed, her routine and diet are the same so we're not sure why she decided to lay her first eggs at her age and not earlier. Hey ho - Mary is now fine, thanks.

Thank you again.


Oct 31, 2011
Senegal parrot possibly egg bound
by: Tracie

Yes, she could be egg bound or having other complications. Please Find an Avian Vet right away for your bird.

In the future, if you feed your bird Harrison's pellets your bird will not get egg bound and will never need added supplements.

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