Untamed ringneck parrot

by Javier
(Santa Paula. CA)

I have a blue ringneck parrot I got him/her 3 days ago and his 1year and 2mouths old and the guy that Had him/her like they were wild he didn't tamed them or anything and all the bird dose in the cage is just sit there I put some toys in there but the bird dosent play and the only thing she eats it's seeds and the bird dosent wanna eat the other foods just the seeds and it looks like his bord what should I do so he can be happy and playfull?

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Oct 18, 2016
by: N

MY Green Indian Ringneck Parrot is 3 months old. We only got him lastnight and for now he is just chilling out quietly in his cage.
He's untamed and he can fly.
He's scared and just goes to the corner of his cage everytime we are infront of him. He also won't eat or go on his swing when we are there.
As soon as we leave the room he eats and goes on his swing.
I'm thinking it will take a week for him to get used to his surroundings but am not sure when we should start taking him out of his cage?

May 01, 2012
by: Anonymous2

THe long anonymous post tells you all you need to do. Patience patience patience. Takes months even years, just don't give up or rush things. The bird will let you know when is ready to step up the interaction,

Apr 24, 2012
Training an Indian Ringneck Parrot
by: Tracie

We have training material on our Parrot Training page that will help you too.

Apr 24, 2012
Untamed ringneck parrot
by: Javier

Thank you for taking your time to help me out with my ringneck!

Apr 24, 2012
untamed ringneck
by: Anonymous

If you just got the bird 3 days ago, please understand the new surroundings, smells and noises and yes, even toys are scary for her.

Give your bird time to adjust. Let the bird just relax in the cage, make sure the home is generally quiet. Interact with the bird, by sitting next to the cage talking, reading or singing to her. This will get her used to your presence, and voice, while soothing her, letting her know you're not a threat.

Keep the cage cleaned, make sure she's got plenty of seed. Since it's the only thing she's eating right now. Eventually you will want to try a cpl monthsdown the road to switch to like roudybush pellets. FOr now, seeds with a vitamin supplement mixed in. SOmething with red palm oil is great! Each day offer a bowl of fresh fruits and veggies, she may not touch them at first. Take out of the cage after 10 min. once she takes to it, start to offer the food by hand.

Right now the bird is not bored, she's sitting, and observing everything you do. You will know when she starts to relax because she will start to play with her toys.

Ringnecks do talk! Be aware of what you say in front of them. She may end up repeating it. :)

When the bird is settled in for a few weeks, look on youtube for taming techniques. Some of the videos are great and knowlegable. Some however are done by ameturers so just watch all of them before attempting.

Taming and training the bird will help build trust btwn you and her. I suggest before taming and training, you buy a dog clicker. This is what I use for training my birds, along with hundreds of other people. You'll see people in the videos use them as well. Dog clicker at petco cost $2 for their store brand one.

She's still young enough to be worked with. No one has had much time to completely ruin her. SO it's up to you now, to help her to be the best bird and companion she can be! How much time you invest with her, will determine how quickly she learns, and how well she talks, and how tame she becomes!

My ringneck, I spent 4 hours a day with her just singing, talking, telling her about my day. When I got her she was 12 yrs old, and had lost 80% of her feathers, and was very traumatized. It took 5 yrs, but now she interacts, talks, does tricks, socialized properly, also has all her feathers back, and now living with my cousin who I coach on cont. training her.

I still have my other birds, however I felt she would bless my cousins new home with happiness. She's doing fabulous there.

Spend time with her EVERYDAY. Don't just let her sit there. I garrantee she will be an awesome bird!

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