Unusual behavior

by Hannah

I have a Jenday conure, one year old, and lately I have noticed some funny things he's been doing. In or out of his cage, he will fluff himself up all over, head, back, and fan out his tail. He'll puff up, and start bobbing his head really slowing, and flicking his wings hard every couple of seconds. I was sitting on the floor with him and called his name, and he came running at me, tail fanned and puffed up, so he could cuddle against my foot. I held his beak between my first two fingers, an act that usually warrants a little babyish head-bobbing from him. This time, however, he vibrated all over, bobbing his head so hard he spun and left the ground for a second. Can anybody tell me what all this means?

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Jun 07, 2009
by: Linda

Part of what you describe sounds like the mating "dance" where they puff up, become stiff as they stand tall, fan tail feathers out and walk in a stilted fashion with eyes pinning. The second part of this does not sound right. The vibrating until he lifts himself up sounds off to me.

Take him to Avian vet to see if he has any infections/parasites or other concerns. If he has not had a checkup within the last year, he needs to go anyway. Once a year checkups will keep you from spending a lot of money on a sick bird as they are difficult to bring back up once they go down.

If I had just heard the first part, I'd say this is just the mating dance and of no concern. He seems a little young to be doing this though if he's only 1 year old. Not sure of maturity age for conures, so ask the vet about this too.

Let us know how everything works out as we are interested, and your comments can help other people as well.

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