Unusual Crop mark and need advice.

by Ben Agee
(Atlanta, GA)

I have a question about a problem I noticed today with a 4 week old green wing macaw. The baby is at 433 grams which is a big baby compared to most and this afternoon I noticed a quarter size circle with a yellowish with a black spot on the crop. (was not seen this morning)

I have spent time researching online as well as my aviary medicine book and have come to no conclusion to the problem or even if it is a problem. The baby shows no sign of slowing crop, emptying crops, no respority problems, and no appearent signs that it is bothering the baby. Baby acts normal. Any ideas?

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Jan 31, 2009
Unusual crop mark
by: The Vet

My first fear is a crop burn. What temp do you feed the formula? Do you have a thermometer? If not, don?t feed even one more time until you get one.

What about the babies weight? Are you weighing every morning? If not, then start yesterday weighing every morning so you can determine early if there is a problem.

Sometimes food can be seen though the skin and crop wall. That may be the cause of the black spot

You need to have this baby examined by an avian veterinarian with experience raising baby parrots.

Please let me know what you find out.

Dr B

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