Urine drying yellow/green

by Darci
(Winnipeg, Canada)

Hello, I have been having problems with my Sun Conure for months now and am going to see a board certified vet in less than two weeks. My current biggest concern is the color of my Sun's urine in her droppings. Sometimes after the droppings dry on the white paper I have lining her cage it is stained yellow or even green at times. Her droppings also frequently contain air bubbles and are sometime accompanied by a squeaky gas like sound.

She is 5 years old on Harrison's HP fine and has been since February, prior to this she ate mostly seeds which I realize is an awful diet. Also some of her chest feathers are growing in splotched with grey/black as well as some on her shoulders/nape. I also noticed some spots that look like black freckles on the tips of her wings.

Any ideas what could be causing this or what I should do when I see the vet? She has had bloodwork done in March that came back normal and also x-rays done in April that appeared to be normal (according to my vet.) My vet had her on Baytril for ten days but it didn't help her at all.

She also constantly flips/flickers her wings, especially at night and every few days or so she will violently pick her nose with her nails and have a wet but clear sneeze. Thanks for any help or recommendations.

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Feb 21, 2012
by: grimhaggler

there are several reasons your bird will pick at her chest feathers. the skin is irritated which could be from fatty liver syndrome but usually the urates and urine are green plus other symptoms. Also hypovitaminosis A which quite often accompanies Candidiasis(thrush ) will see them itch and pick. The twitch flick also can be due to the hypovitaminosis A. That will show signs of the keratinosis(flakey white around the lining of the beak spreading out. As you fix the diet with leafy green veges and even couple of drops of carotene straight into the mouth(its non toxic and the body only takes what it wants) you will notice the beak repairing.For the thrush medication is needed with probiotics and good diet, as you kill off the candida it must be replaced with probiotics to fill the void. Multivitamins also. the darkening of the feathers are all from the malnutrition.

Aug 17, 2009
Urine drying yellow/green
by: The Vet

The discoloration of the urine after it dries is often unremarkable. This is usually caused by leaching of color from he feces and staining the paper. Certainly mention this to the veterinarian you are seeing in a couple of weeks. The gas can be caused by many things, for example, infection and diet. Mention this to your veterinarian, too.

Baytril is not going to help the discolored feathers. These can be stress bars, fungi, or inadequate nutrition. I understand that you are not feeding Harrison's, but the changes in feathers will not occur until after your bird molts while being on the better diet.

Wet, clear discharge is often normal, but, again, mention this to your veterinarian at your next visit. The wing flip is often caused by a bad wing clip. It is also a behavior displayed by baby birds when they are hungry or want attention. She could be displaying this kind of behavior.

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Aug 07, 2009
by: Darci

Hi Linda,

Yes she has been plucking her chest feathers for about 3 years now on and off. I was also concerned the black feathers along with the urine color could be attributed to liver problems.

She itchs herself/picks at her body constantly though my vet has never checked for parasites. I am travelling 8 hours away to see a vet in another province who is board certified. How are parasites or mites detected? I will mention this when I go, thanks.

Aug 07, 2009
by: Linda

About all you can do is to take bird back to the Avian vet and see if she has an infection or some kind of imbalance. Sounds like you are feeding properly, and there is something wrong here. If your bird has plucked itself or another bird has plucked him, sometimes the feathers will come back the wrong color. My Amazon male was continuously plucked by his Mate before we finally caught it, and in places he has no feathers and the rest came back in yellow and not green.

Your bird could have contracted a parasite along the way. The flicking of the wings at night may mean she is trying to get rid of parasites on her body or possibly mosquitos are going after her at night. Make sure you check whole house each night with the lights on to find these very nasty and dangerous creatures and kill them.

Keep us posted on what vet has to say, and thanks for writing,


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