Using boric acid

by Jordan
(Puerto Rico)

Hello Parronts,

I have recently moved to puerto Rico and since being here I have a roach issue in and around my macaws cage. I have four parrots and I have never had a roach problem until my husband and I were stationed here.

I have heard using boric acid is ok for keeping pests out. I
Afraid these nasty little things are going to pass a disease to my kids and my feathered kids.
Is it on to use, if not what can I do??
Please help

Thank you
Happy holidays.

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Dec 19, 2011
Boric acid
by: Jordan

Thank you so very much Linda. I truly appreciate all you have informed me of.
I'm on my way to home depot for all that you have written.

Thank you


Dec 18, 2011
Using boric acid
by: Linda

There is a product called Diatamacious Earth which is finely ground shells which kill all kinds of pests, but this is also dangerous to breath for you, yuor children and especially your birds. Use it on the outside of your home only to keep more roaches from coming in.

The roach baits (roach motels) are the best thing to use for roaches because they like the taste, and it kills whole colonies off pretty quickly. It has to be placed out of reach of all children and pets as it is a very dangerous poison. It works as I've had to use it when living in crowded apartment buildings.

Use it only in cabinets like in the kitchen or bathrooms. Roaches have to have water, so they will come to these places to drink and feed. In fact, you can put the boric acid in these places if your birds, children or other pets cannot get inside the cabinets. If you are living in an apartment or in crowded conditions, they will come from other homes into yours unless you use the Diatamaceous Earth on the outside of house.

So, you can get and use the roach bait, boric acid in cabinets. Basically anywhere that is closed where your kids and pets have no access. Roaches do not eat the Boric Acid so it does not work as well as the Roach Motels.

The Diatamaceous Earth can be used around the outside of your house to keep more from coming from other places. Be sure to use either a rebreather or at least a mask when spreading this as it will damage lungs if breathed and is very finely ground to almost a powder.

I hope I've helped you because I know how annoying and nasty these roaches are.

Happy Holidays to you all as well and be safe,

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