Using steriods on parrots

by Melanie
(Northampton, uk)

What is your opinion on using anabolic steriods on very sick underweight birds?

I had a amazon who had a mild stroke (no side effects), weighed 260grams, had suspected psiticosis (negative test), poor kidney functions (blood test) and possibly a blocked air sack (apparently from the the psiticiosis infection). The vet gave him a laurabolin injection and the following day went dramatically down hill with his breathing and I think he had another stroke after an hour.

After 2 hours of struggling to breath, his feet went purple and he was very qeak with spats of energy, I had to make the heart rendering decision to have him put to sleep.
Before the injection he was starting to make really good progress despite his problems and had started gaining weight (20grams in a week) and getting generally alot better and energetic.

I was wondering if the steriod had a dramic affect on him which made him go down hill so quickly.

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Sep 23, 2008
Why steroids are not used often
by: The Vet

Too many side effects. I am not familiar with the drug laurabolin.

Sep 21, 2008
Using steriods
by: Anonymous

"Very few avian veterinarians use these drugs in birds". Why is this?

Sep 16, 2008
Using steroids on parrots
by: The Vet

Yes, possibly. Very few avian veterinarians use these drugs in birds. I cannot make a direct statement about this case, given that I know very little of the history.

Dr. B

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