vacation with bird?

We are going on vacation for 2 weeks. My sister is going to look after our ringneck, but is there a possibility to take him with us? it's an 8 hour drive? If not, it's fine, my sis will take excellent care of him and he has stayed with her before and is comfortable in that environment ( my sister's home). Thanks

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Feb 04, 2010
Vacation w/ your bird
by: Mariska

We always take our U2 to the beach house w/ us. Its a bit shorter trip, but if you follow the suggestions already given by another person that travels w/ birds you all will be fine. Just please when you take him/ her out....make sure she is on a leash or in a cage ! Our U2 is very familiar w/ our beach house and loves it there too. She loves going to the beach for a little bit of sun...and of course all the attention she gets. Just remember, your bird is your #1 priority and still needs your undivided attention...can you give that while on vacation, if so go for it !

Jan 29, 2010
vacation with bird?
by: Linda

Hello and thanks for writing. Though it may be tempting to take bird with you on vacation, he will be better left at home in the care of someone he likes and is familiar with. When travelling with birds, their stress level is high making them susceptible to infections from many sources. Also a water supply from your home has to be taken as new, strange water will make bird sick. I've tried to use the water bottles on the road, and all the water shakes out of them while driving, so many stops have to be made in order to give bird time to drink. We travelled 2700 miles cross country some years' ago and had to take our 3 parrots. Water shook out of the bottles, and we had to stop every 3 hours for a 45 minute rest all along the way.

As Tracie says, there can also be hidden dangers you know nothing of at this point depending on where you're going. Short day trips are okay for birds, but a full vacation would be very hard on your bird.

Let your Sis take care of him, and you'll know he's safe and have a better, more relaxed vacation time as a result.


Jan 29, 2010
Taking your bird on vacation
by: Tracie

Of course you can take your bird. :-)

There are a few considerations, but it is very possible it would work.

1) You need a comfortable travel bird cage that the bird can live in comfortably. You will need to put in familiar perches, toys and water bottle if your bird is used to that. (Do NOT hang toys until you reach your destination so that they don't swing and hit the bird while traveling.)

2) You need to make sure that your bird is welcome where you will be staying. They need to understand what kind of noise your bird makes and what mess it will make.

3) If your bird is not hand tame, and used to being outside of the cage, then it is probably best to leave the bird at home.

4) Assuming your bird will be out of the cage at times, you need to make sure the place you are going is bird safe. They can NOT use Teflon irons, toaster ovens, etc. They can NOT use chemicals to clean with or air fresheners that might kill your bird.

5) You will need to make sure the room your bird spends time outside of the cage in is bird safe. Make sure your bird's wings are clipped, and that your bird doesn't have access to licking or chewing anything toxic.

There are probably other things, but this is all that comes to mind right now.

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