vegetable oil on parakeet

I have a 5 year old parakeet and she had a little trouble passing an egg, via internet advise we put some vegetable oil on her back side and she passed the egg fine, the problem is now she has oil on her back side and belly, we gently washed her with a little (dish) soap water, rinsed her with warm water and gently patted her with a soft wash cloth, she still has oil on her feathers how do we get this oil off and will it harm her?

Any advise will be helpfull.

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Apr 13, 2011
vegetable oil on parakeet
by: Linda

YES, this oil will kill her and quickly too. NEVER, EVER use any kind of oil like this on a bird. You will need to use Dawn liquid dish washing soap on her, and this needs to be done immediately. When oil clogs all of her skin pores, she will die of suffocation just like birds in oil spills do.

Get the Dawn and only Dawn, lather her up and keep her warm while doing this or you will cause pneumonia. Allow her to soak in the sudsy mixture for a few minutes and make sure ALL the oil is off this time. Take your time and save your bird's life here. Use your hands to make sure suds have gotten all the way to skin where the oil is laying. Make sure she is clean even if it means having to wash her a second or third time in this Dawn dishwashing liquid. Her life depends on your doing a thorough job here.

In future, never use any kind of cooking oil or petroleum products on birds as these migrate to all parts of the body and kill the bird once skin pores are covered with it. When a bird is egg-bound, this is an emergency life threatening situation and bird needs to be taken immediately to the closest Avian Vet emergency clinic. In this kind of emergency, take her to any emergency animal clinic, say she is eggbound, and allow them to treat her. Sometimes light steam will help, sometimes not. Never use any kind of oil not prescribed by an Avian Vet on your bird.

Also, feed an organic pelleted diet like Harrison's, and allow budgies to be at least a year or more older before breeding. The organic pelleted diets provide enough roughage and high quality nutrition to keep egg binding and death from happening in a bird old enough to breed.

For now, get the oil off this bird or you will lose it to suffocation very shortly if you have not already.

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