Very Rough Crusty Cere/Beak and Legs

by Ansley Meyer
(spartanburg, SC, usa)

Do you think my parakeet has mites?

She has a very rough crusty Cere/Beak and her legs are also rough scaley callius like. She is not as hyper as before, she is more calm but I think it is because she is ill. I think she might have mites or a fungal infection. Her legs are callius like and yellowish.

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Jul 17, 2009
Possible Mites
by: Linda

Yes, you need to call and make appointment with an Avian vet in your area as soon as is possible. This can be many things, and mites are one of them. Bird must see an Avian vet, and be sure to NOT use any home remedies or remedies other people tell you to use. Medicine for birds needs to be given as a prescription by a licensed, qualified Avian vet or your bird's life will be at risk. Never use any over the counter meds you may find in pet stores either. Any type of treatment plan needs to come from a person who know what they are doing, and, I'm sorry, but store personnel and friends (unless they are bird vets) do not know what is wrong with bird or how to treat it.

Let us know what vet found as your information can help someone else with a similar problem.


Jul 17, 2009
Possible mites
by: Tracie

I am sorry your bird is having these problems. Dr. B can not help your bird, because your bird needs to be examined in person and possibly tests run for a treatment to be decided upon.

Birds should see an avian vet yearly for an exam and vaccine. Please find an avian vet for your bird and make an appointment soon.

If you need help finding an avian vet, you can look at our Find an Avian Vet page.

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