Vet check for a purchase of a new bird

by Andy Neale
(Richmond Hill, Ontario)

My wife is very interested in acquiring a young White Headed Pionus from a pet store. We understand the value of having a full check up by a vet prior to committing to the purchase. Can you please advise us what tests the vet should perform, and approximately what the fee is likely to be.
Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Sep 02, 2008
Avian Vet Exam Fees and Tests
by: The Vet

The Dr should do a thorough physical exam, a cloacal Gram’s stain to look for bacteria and yeast, possibly a blood sample to establish some normal values for future reference and screen for problems (I do this if the bird is over 1 year old, if younger, then no blood work), possibly screen for viruses and Chlamydophila depending on the pet store and if the Dr sees reason to investigate to such depth.

Finally, you should request that your bird be vaccinated for polyomavirus. Basic stuff, not including blood work would be in my clinic approximately $125. If you add blood work that would add about $80.00. Viral screening and Chlamydophila testing could add $100-200.

Sep 02, 2008
Young White headed Pionus
by: Kralice4u

It is good to take the bird to the vet. A far as the fees, it varies from vet to vet. I would suggest that you call the vets to see which ones are familiar with the care of birds. They can and will tell you what their fees are and which exams that they will give.

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