Vet suggestions for Budgie, Lory and Eclectus diets?

by Tracie

Dr. B mentioned that these birds need a different diet. Ii asked him to clarify, what is best for Budgies, Lorikeets and Eclectus to eat?

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Aug 26, 2011
Lorrikette food.
by: Anonymous

I feel that any pellets given should be soaked in water to soften them first. Lorrikettes have a fine hair on their tongues which help them to collect the nectar. Its not good if these hairs are damaged. I give my lorrie apple, green seedless grapes and pear mostly, which I mash up before giving it to her. In winter I may add a little hot water. I then sprinkle it with her dry nectar food to help stop it from going off. I take out what's left after about 2-3hours, especially in summertime. I sometimes give her small bits of dark lettuce leaves, baby spinach leaves, broccoli, cabbage leaves and she loves snowpea sprouts. Never ever give any bird avocado. I don't do this daily though, maybe two or three times a week. She is 7 years old now. Mostly she eats her dry/wet special lorrikeette food.

Mar 07, 2011
lorry diets
by: Anonymous

We had always given our wild lorries as well as our pet lorries in the past lots of fruit & veggies. We have been advised against this because it's causing health problems for them. The vets have been saying they need a higher nectar diet than anything else. Too much fruit is causing issues. I would tend to listen to my own vets in my area who know our own wild lorries (& other parrots) & have seen first hand issues arising from us incorrectly feeding them.

Mar 07, 2011
my vet
by: Anonymous

I guess it can depend on the vet's individual opinions. All my birds are very healthy on check ups & on less pelleted diets. My avian vet (also very experienced) is happy with that.

Mar 06, 2011
Suggested diet for budgies, lorikeets and eclectus parrots
by: The Avian Vet

Budgies should have fewer pellets and and a little more seeds, so for them it is 70% pellets and 30% treats (no more than 10% seeds).

Lories have entirely different dietary needs. They eat nectar, both dry and wet, a few pellets (about 50%) and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Eclectus do better on about 65-70% pellets and 30-35% fresh vegetables and other healthy treats.

Dr B

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