vets fees

i want to get my budgies wings cliped so they wont get hurst while training.
but i dont really want to pay a whole bunch.
how much is it to get them cut? how how mutch is it noemally to get my birds cheked up because i also want to be sure my new budgies are healthy just need to know how mutch it will cost. also when i take them to the vet do i take them in the cage or a box? because my birds arent trained yet so they cant really be taken out or their cage.

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Oct 23, 2012
Vet Fees
by: Anonymous

Okay for my AVIAN VET, I paid 89$ for the first visit. Now every visit after will be $59.
This is for a wellness exam. (typically first visits with most vets will cost a bit more)

Blood work, depending what you get will be an extra fee.
For blood work my vets charged me 176$ for a complete wellness blood panel, AND Exotic OH:P Electrophoresis blood work (which had to be sent out fedex). Which is pretty cheap in my opinion.

I chose for the blood work to be done on my bird to ensure absolute health as I had just bought her, and felt she needed it. (She was 6 mos old then. She's now 15 months old)

When my bird broke a blood feather and was bleeding pretty badly, I stopped the bleeding with organic flour rushed her to the vets. They had to pluck the remaining bit of the feather and ensure bleeding stopped, plus cleaning the blood off her side, cost me $125 total.
Pretty cheap again in my opinion.

My cat's vets cost me a whole lot more, than anything I've had to pay for my bird.

For grooming (wing clipping and nails) My local avian bird shop clips both for $8. I am not sure what my vet would charge for that. But as it's a wing clipping and not an exam, I cant see it costing more than 15$. My bird is groomed for free from the avian shop I purchased her from. They have experienced bird groomers, an avian vet on staff, as well as breeders.

Really, prices would certainly depend on the area you live in. I live in San Diego, Ca. Things here are a bit more costly.

Please make sure you're taking your bird to an AVIAN VET, and not a basic vet that sees mainly dogs and cats. They do not have the extensive knowlege of birds as an avian vet would.

Remember prices quoted are from my bird's personal vet visits from the clinic I take her to in Escondido, Ca.

Hope this is able to give you some what of a ball park price range.

GL with training!

Oct 22, 2012
vets fees
by: Linda

You will have to find and call an Avian Vet in your area to get current charges for the services mentioned. Fees vary according to location and with each Avian Vet, so we cannot give you any information about that. You can find avian vets by looking in the phone book or by asking vets in the area if they have an avian vet on staff.The yellow page ads will usually say whether they have an Avian Vet on staff or not.

To carry your birds anywhere, you will need a travel cage. I also suggest you put each bird into a separate cage to make sure both are safe. Put perch down low so when they fall off perch, they'll not be too far from bottom. You can find travel cages for your Budgies all over the inernet. Do not put them in a box because they can get out of boxes and it is hard for avian vet to get them. If taking birds only a very short way, you can leave the perch out and cover the bottom with layers of paper towels. Take more paper towels so you can put clean ones in after vet visit. If trip is longer, leave perches in so birds don't have to wallow in their poop.

Thanks for writing,

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