Vicious green cheek

by Kate
(UK Henley )

My boyfriend and I have one green cheeked conure and one maroon belliedconure, we bought them a year ago and just about have them both trained. Well that seemed to be the case until recently the green cheeked conure turned on me.

Her name is Sunny and she has always been a little bit odd, very very shy and what you may call a runt. But with love and care, and by letting her clipped wings grow out she seemed to get more confident and happy. Nothing has changed except that my boyfriend has been working away from home more recently.

Sunny has become possessive of her cage, will not step up and I'm scared to put my hand near her, her crest is always up and she makes vicious sounds whenever I pass by her cage. She is f fine and still lovely to my boyfriend. Any suggestions as to why she has turned-on me? Or how to solve her possessiveness and biting? Also I'm pretty sure she's not I'll or anything.
Many thanks.

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Feb 15, 2011
Green cheek turned on you
by: Tracie

I had this sort of thing happen to me too with my Green Cheeked Conures. Once they mature, their hormones sometimes get in the way. Both GC's became cage territorial, so that we had to open the door to let them out and then get them to "step up" on us. One of the two decided she hated me and loved my husband that was hardly ever home.

Please read some of the training material on our Parrot Training page for some help with this. Particularly read the article titled, "Answer to biting GC conure" because that tells my story about how my husband, that the bird preferred, helped the bird to tolerate me and not bite me.

Learning to recognize the warning sign that the bird is unhappy is the first step. Then replacing the unwanted behavior with something you want, is the key to success. You can do it, you will just need time and patience.

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