Viral infection in my african grey

by Lisa
(West Midlands)

My grey suddenly stopped talking and whistling but was still dancing,eating and drinking as usual. We had rescued another grey and presumed poppy was just peed off at the new arrival.

By day 5 of no sounds from poppy we realised she hadn't eaten that day,was fluffed up,head down and looking sad. Examination by vet next day said her heart and lungs were fine and she had a viral infection and gave antibiotics. A week tomorrow and she doesnt seem any better(vets again tomorrow) eating very little.

My questions are.....did the new grey bring in the virus and what are poppy's chances? So scared I'm going to lose her :o( she's 4 years old and always been healthy. Thankyou.

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Apr 14, 2011
by: Lisa

Thankyou for the replies. Unfortunately poppy collapsed in the vet waiting room and sadly passed away. I feel like iv list a child,she was a real character :o(
Will be taking coco for examination and tests.

Apr 14, 2011
AG with viral infection
by: The Avian Vet

Yes, it is possible that the new bird brought in a disease. Your veterinarian needs to do some diagnostics such as blood work and x-rays to determine why the bird is sick You also need to have the new bird tested to see if he is the source.

Dr B

Apr 14, 2011
Viral infection in my african grey
by: Linda

Yes, it is highly likely the other bird brought in the infection and it will also need to be treated or it will keep passing this disease on.Never bring in a new bird who has not already been examined by an Avian Vet as to whether they have any infections or not.

The other thing I find very strange, is why an Avian Vet would prescribe antibiotics for a viral infection when they are only used for bacterial infections. Please get clear with them, what kind of viral infection your birds have and why they are being treated with antibiotics. Some vets give the antibiotics as a prophelactic measure against secondary infections, but they also treat the viral infection.

So, find out what kind of virus this is, why it is being treated with antibiotics and take new bird in to be diagnosed and treated also. Some viral infections kill birds and linger in the environment for years, so you need to go over all of this with the Avian Vet. Make sure this is an avian vet too because regular dog and cat vets are lost when it comes to diagnosing and treating birds and are not licensed to do so by any state.

Thanks for writing,

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