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Vita-Lite Full Spectrum Bulb Over the cage full spectrum lighting

Vital Lamp Full Spectrum Lamp and Bulbs

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Vita-Lite® Full Spectrum Bulb Features (Name changed to Vital Lamp)

• Superior color rendition (CRI of 88 and 91)

• 5500K color temperature simulates natural outdoor light

• Constructed to last up to 28,000 hours of rated life

• Said to help alleviate symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

• Ideal for applications such as offices, stores, medical and dental facilities, laboratories, graphic arts studios, florists, beauty salons, food service facilities, and more!

Less Glare - Helps reduce eye fatigue, and is especially effective over computer screens and other visually demanding tasks.

High Color Rendering Index of 88 and 91 - Compared to a CRI of natural outdoor light at 100 and standard Cool White at a CRI of 62, the Vita-Lite full spectrum bulb delivers crisp, natural white light that has near-perfect color rendition. It enhances all applications where accurate color perception is critical, including merchandise displays, dental shade matching, textile grading, graphic arts applications, beauty salon procedures, etc. (The over the cage lamp has a CRI of 91)

Color Temperature of 5500K - Matches natural outdoor light, provides clarity for work stations, and creates a cheerful, pleasant environment, thus enhancing employee satisfaction.

Long Life - With a life-rating between 10,000 and 28,000 user hours, using the Vita-Lite full spectrum bulb results in lower maintenance costs.

Vita-Lite® Details

While Vita-Lite® (Now Vital Lamp) is an all-purpose fluorescent lamp and operates in conventional fluorescent fixtures, this lamp has been proven to provide the sun-and-sky quality of natural outdoor light. Vital Lamp is the only patented fluorescent lamp that simulates the crisp, full color, and ultraviolet spectrum of natural outdoor light. It can brighten any environment by bringing outdoor light inside!

The Vita-Lite® full spectrum light improves lighting in offices, stores, factories, medical and dental facilities, banks, computer rooms, and commercial, industrial or institutional operations. Its superior color rendition makes Vita-Lite the perfect light source for industries such as graphic arts, textiles, auto body finishing, and in dental laboratories. It’s ideal for use with florists, beauty salons, food service facilities, and a variety of other retail and manufacturing environments.

Designed for premium life and maximum brightness, the Vita-Lite® full spectrum bulb delivers up to 28,000 user hours of dependable, maintenance-free light, and provides ideal lighting wherever fluorescent lamps are used. The 20 watt Vita-Lite bulbs produce the same light as your 75 Watt incandescent light bulbs.

Over the bird cage full spectrum light

This "Over the Bird Cage" full spectrum lamp ( CRI 91 )is perfect for breeders and people that don't have the space for a full spectrum lamp. The fixture comes with a replaceable bulb that has the same full spectrum benefits as our other Vita-Lite full spectrum bulb.

Over the Bird Cage Full Spectrum Lighting

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Duro-Test Stopped manufacturing these fixtures over 10 yrs ago...Service Lamp is the Excusive distributor of the Vita-Lamp fixture from China. Duro-Test had these fixtures made in China, they are the same factory in China as Duro-Test had them made. Duro-Test name is only on the 48" fluorescents now. this product is an upgrade from the Old Duro-Test fixture with new ballast to prevent overheating and 10% brighter. As Duro-Test faced bankruptcy years ago had shifted its pet mkt business from Duro-Test to Service Lamp Corp. as primary United States Distributor and Distributors were still using the name "vita-Lite" until all inventory at Duro-Test has depleted. One by one products are shifting to Vital Lamp name but we are still in transition but we can assure your customers they are getting the best of the best!

Vita-Lite Full Spectrum lighting information