Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

Do or should I be supplementing vitamins (Avitron) in the drinking water on a daily basis for my two macaws? What about Mineral Grit or cuttlebone in cage or crushed sea shells for extra calcium supplements? I read the sea shell supplement in a book about parrots. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. The breeder suggests it is not necessary.... Thanks - a concerned parrot owner.

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Apr 18, 2012
new coment...
by: Lynn

Hey thanks for the response! That is what the breeder told me also. Two different books I had been reading, contradict this... What do you know about the mineral supplement? such as mineral grit, cuttlebone, or seashells for calcium? How about the Linatone oil based product for skin maintenance by Lambert Kay? Do you know anything about either one of these things?

Apr 18, 2012
No vitamin supplements for birds!
by: Tracie

No, do NOT put vitamin supplements in your bird's food or water. Our avian vet, who has had a practice for over 30 years and teaches veterinary medicine at a university, says to feed your bird 80% high quality pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush and 20% healthy treats. If you do this, your bird will be getting all the nutrition it needs.

The problem with vitamin supplements is that you can cause kidney or liver failure because you can't regulate if the bird is getting too much of a vitamin between what you feed and the chemical vitamins you are feeding.

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