vocals wheezing

by bill
(venice bch ca)

my amazon double yellow started about 4 weeks ago with wheezing,he was on baytril for two weeks and the a new antibiotic for six days ,the wheezing improved but did not go away ,now his voice seems to be impaired as his words do not sound the same.His nature,eating habits and playfulness have not changed he has not lost weight .he is also on an anti inflamatory metacam. Any help offered would be greatly appreciated....Bill

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Dec 17, 2011
Baytril does not cure everything
by: The Avian Vet

Unbeknownst to many “avian” veterinarians, baytril does not cure everything. You need to see a specialist who can perform diagnostics such as blood work, cultures, x-rays, aspergillus titers etc.

A diagnosis needs to be attempted before throwing random antibiotics at the problem. Differentials include hypovitaminosis A, aspergillosis, bacterial infection not susceptible to Baytril, viral infection (has your bird been vaccinated against polyomavirus?), allergies, low humidity and other possibilities.

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Dr B

Nov 22, 2011
vocals wheezing
by: Linda

I notice you did not say anything about what his "diagnosis" was. If this vet did not do any testing to see what kind of infection he has, then you need to find another Avian Vet right away. All the drugs hurts birds, and if there is no diagnosis, then there can be no treatment.

Until an Avian Vet actually tests him for both bacterial and viral infections as well as basic bloodwork, he is in serious trouble here.

You are in California, so it will be easier to find another Avian Vet. Make sure the new vet has the records from the other vet who has done nothing but blindly throw medicine at him at great risk to his health.

You can get these records or if you kept your receipts, new vet can see what was given to him. You can also request the new vet request his complete medical records be faxed to them before he is examined. Just make sure new vet knows what all he's been given and for how long and in what dosages.

Keep us informed as to what new Avian Vet does to help your bird. If I am srong about this vet actually testing him, then forgive me. It does not sound like that has happened here because Baytril is such a general med that it does not actually do much in most cases. Your bird will become sicker and sicker until he dies, so please move on this quickly as is possible.

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