Volkman Millet is a healthy treat for your bird

Volkman Spray Millet

Volkman Millet comes as bulk spray millet. You can depend on Volkman to have fresh millet for your birds. We carry many other Volkman products because they are in such high demand.

Scroll down the page for a cute millet holder that will allow you to hang the millet in the middle of the cage and keep the seeds from going all over your floor.

Please do consider the Totally Organics products we carry also. Giving your birds organic products is one of the best gifts you can give your bird.

Volkman Millet 6oz
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Volkman Millet 5 lb
** Our Price $19.79**

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Volkman Millet 25 lb
** Our Price $68.95**

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Spray Millet Holder

Spray Millet Holder
** Our Price $4.54 **

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This cute little beaded holder is great for keeping the mess in the middle of the cage or play stand. Just tighten the spiral around the spray millet, and then tighten the spiral at the bottom and tuck it up under the bottom of the spray.

For Extra Small and Small Birds

1.5"W x 10"H

Remember that millet is like candy to most birds. If they seem to be eating nothing but the millet and leaving their other food alone, then only put it in for a few minutes a day.

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