vomiting Macaw

Hi, I have a neighbor that recently got a Macaw from a friend. This bird gobbles down his food in a hurry and then vomits it on the bottom of the cage. She says she has to feed him several times a day because of this. I have seen the bird and he looks healthy. Apparently the bird has done this with his previous owner also for several years? I am a parrot owner myself and I am concerned about this. I have seen the vomit and it is like un-digested food, but heaps of it and it seems he does it in the same spot on the bottom of the cage. Any ideas?

I guess since he (or she) has done this for a long time it is not an immediate concern but if my Amazon would do this, I would take him to the vet. Please could you explain? I will then let her know what you said as she does not have a computer. Thank you! Maxie

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Aug 05, 2008
Macaw regurgitation
by: The Vet

There are many reasons why this bird would do this. Behavioral regurgitation caused by sexual confusion, overactive reproductive behaviors and other behaviors are one possibility. However, there are medical causes too, one being PDD. Infection can also cause this, and foreign body blockage, too. In other words, get this bird to an avian veterinarian TODAY.

Dr B

Aug 04, 2008
vomiting macaw
by: Anonymous

I've had a male military macaw since he was 1 yr old,he's 6 yrs old now. he used to try to puke on me every time he could. I finally broke him of the habit,but I found out that was his way of bonding and nurturing me.I found it disgusting but told him I loved him but no thankyou. He finally got the message and it's a good thing because he's a big BABY! I haven't heard of a bird repeatedly puking on the bottom of the cage. It would be best to get it to the vet.

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