Vomiting Nanday Conure

by Stephanie

I recently adopted a Nanday conure who has had a difficult past. He was abused by his first owners and plucked out all of his feathers except his wings and head. Since I got him he has been eating his food and then vomiting it back up only to eat it after it has been vomited. He keeps the regurgitated food down so he is getting nutrition, but why is he doing this?

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Aug 13, 2008
Nanday problems
by: The Vet

This could be a behavior problem, maybe associated with his past, but it is more likely a medical condition. You need to have him examined by an avian veterinarian to rule out any medical conditions. 90% or more of feather pluckers have medical problems instead of behavior issues.

Regurgitation is the same; this is almost always a medical condition, not a behavior problem. Bacterial infection, fungal infection, heavy metal toxicity, and other medical conditions are frequently found in these cases.

Dr. B

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