vomiting, non-interactive, lazy, keeps fluffy

by Dhanak Gupta
(Jammu, India)

I have a slaty headed parakeet at home for 8 years now and it is not keeping well. It use to be very interactive and all the time talking. Now it has become less interactive over a period of 2 months. He seems very depressed, vomits every other day, is lazy, doesnt respond back to me much and wants to sleep in my lap all day while resting on both legs. I put him in his cage every night and am worried about him as I feel he might get tired while standing on one foot.

Please tell me what should I do.


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Nov 13, 2011
Also is shedding a lot of feathers.
by: Dhanak Gupta

Thanks for the advice. My parrot is also shedding a lot of feather. It use to shed them earlier but now it is shedding them from head region. I have consulted a vet and he says that it is fine and need some more sunlight. I am not convinced. Can you suggest me something else.

Editor's note: Molting is normal as long as you can't see bare patches. A high quality pellet diet and full spectrum lighting IS important.

Nov 12, 2011
Vomiting non interactive lazy keeps fluffy.
by: Anne

Please get your bird to an Avian vet NOW.
It is showing signs of illness not Laziness.

Nov 11, 2011
Sick bird is fluffy
by: Tracie

Your bird is sick and if you do not Find an Avian Vet to examine and treat your bird soon, it will die.

You can move the perches, food and water down to the lowest point in the cage to prevent the bird from falling and getting hurt. Also keep the cage covered on the top and 3 sides to keep it warmer.

Dr B can not help, because he can not examine or prescribe medication over the Internet.

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