vomiting of my african grey

by Tina
(South Carolina)

My african grey likes to what we call dance with my husband. Today my husband picked him or her up and Sam did the normal panting which I know is something to do with mating. This time he(which we call him) vomited on my husbands arm. It is the first time he has done that. can you tell me what this is about?


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Sep 06, 2008
AG vomiting
by: Tracie

Hello Tina,

Your bird is showing your husband the ultimate affection by regurgitating on him. :-) This is what birds do to impress their mates.

Our Budgies do this all over their toys and it is so gross to us, but not to them. Our Conures do it for us and we are not impressed either.

Since your husband is not a suitable mate for the bird, do not encourage mating behavior. Do not pet the bird down the back, for instance. If the bird displays mating behavior you can simply say "nooo" in a calm low voice, put the bird back in the cage immediately every time, turn your back on the bird and leave the room.

After a minute or two you can return and get the bird back out.

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